Sweet Surprises

Every year I ask for one thing, the same thing, slippers.  Honestly, that is my favorite gift.  When I'm home I am always in slippers.  I love them. Needless to say I run them to the ground in a year so every Christmas I truly need another pair.  
This year was no different.  I asked for a pair of slippers.  That's it.  Although to my husband I did hint that I would love another lens for my Canon Rebel.  
I have 2 sons.  22 and 17.  
 Here are my boys, so many years back.  It feels like yesterday to me.
The loves of my life.  Hours and hours of endless play and interaction.  I read to them, sang to them, danced with them, played with them and rocked them too sleep until they were toddlers.  I can't tell you how many times a day I kissed each of them or told them how much I loved them.  Impossible to count.  
When they are small it's easy to see how much you matter to them.  When they fall, or are scared or happy or sad they open their arms or reach up to you and you sweep them off their feet and cradle them, nestle them in your arms and just for that moment, all is perfect.
It's always rewarding when your children surprise you and let you know that you matter, that they see you for who you are and in their own way let you know that they truly love you.  
My sons have always been very aware and appreciative of things that I do for them.  They also can be the best and worst critics when I get something for the house or redecorate etc.
They love to tease me and at times can drive me crazy but this Christmas they surprised me with their thoughtfulness and attention to detail.
I did get my beloved slippers, and my husband surprised me with my new lens but what I was not expecting was a lovely cake dish and vintage plates in the red toile patern that I adore so much.  My oldest son gave me the dishes and cake pedestal.
I could not have picked it better myself.  I love it so.

My youngest had heard me talk about (now don't laugh) a Twilight collectors book with so many details about all of the movies and cast.  He surprised me by getting it.  It's lovely with behind the scene photos and directors commentary, actors inside converstaions about filming and never before seen script pages and scenes.  It's wonderful if you were a fan of the saga.  
He got it for me.
It's times like these, gestures like this that show me that they pay attention, they know me and what I love and that is the most precious gift I could ever ask for.
I am thankful.
The end of a difficult year ending on a sweet note.  I couldn't ask for anything more.
And I have a new lens to blog for years to come.
Happy New Year everyone!
Until my next post in 2013.


Windlost said...

Lovely Lisa. So nice to know that we are loved and adored (and listened to!).

xo Terri

Jaybird said...

Wonderful gifts/fantastic family!!! With good reason I should think :^)
Could you share the manufacturer/pattern name of the dishes???
Many thanks for your help, and blessings in this nice new year!

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