Spring is Springing!

For a couple of days now I have been noticing that my Magnolia tree is sprouting.  As much as that excites me I worry that my flowers might open too prematurely.

 I walked into my perenial garden and I was surprised to see all my tulip bulbs sprouting as well.
I greeted all of them and wished them well.  I am so excited to see the blooms.  Gardening is so rewarding.  To see these tiny bulbs and seedlings peeking out of the dormant ground is wonderfully satisfying to me.


Thinking of Roses

These are my Beloved Roses.  This is Constance Spry.  I have so many posts about my dear friend.
As I freeze outside today, 41 degrees I feel a desperate longing to see my garden filled with her and all my other roses.  
I have lost count, I used to have around 23 bushes, now I'm not so sure.  But by far this is the most beautiful.  This is the view just from my porch.
So I decided to post about Roses on such a cold wintery day so that I may focus on what is to come.  And we are only talking about a few weeks before Spring.  Unfortunately I will need to wait until May to see Constance.  But every Spring Day until then will make me happy.
Funny how the weather effects us and changes our moods.  I am bursting from the inside to be outdoors among the rich soil and dig my hands in the earth and plant.  I marvel at my perennial garden every year and I can't wait to see how each year I find new surprises are in store.
So here is a few pictures of such an extraordinary gift to help maybe brighten your day with thoughts of warmer days ahead.


A Switch Here And A Swap There!

I have always been impulsive when it comes to decorating.  My home is like how I am with my clothing.  I dress according to my mood.  Some days I would never even think of wearing red!  I notice that as the season changes so does my mood for my rooms change.  My bedroom has been in a constant changing motion ever since I can remember.  These days, I am all about simplifying.  Lighter colors, less clutter, less stuff.  I've taken so many things down from my walls, and repainted and painted.  I like that I'm never really finished because honestly, I think if I were, I would have nothing else to be motivated about.  I love looking at a room and after studying it say "Hmmmmmm".  My husband is scared of the hmmmm, but I get excited.  I am done buying things for the home like pieces of furniture etc, because I don't have room for anything else, so what I do enjoy now is switching things.  I have peeled my room away to very little, and my foyer and I thought I'd post a few pics.
So I brought up my favorite antique table that I had in my foyer and used it for my husband's side as an end table.  I love it here and so does he.

Excuse Rudy, he always wants to be in every picture.  Anyway, we changed our floor rug to a neutral more natural tone.
I placed my antique croched bed spread and my room looks peaceful now and light and simple.  I love it.  I must say, I'm not too happy about my print on the wall.  It's too dark.  I also want to paint the frame and make it a mix,bring in a bit of pewter into it.  Also my other end table is lower and my lamp is a bit too low.  I got the one on the right from Kmart.  But they didn't have two.  Will have to find one.  
This is my foyer now, simple, no tables, and I also changed my foyer rugs to match my livingroom rug.  I love it now.  It's less busier than before.  


February is here . . . Or is it Spring

So while half the country is covered in snow, here in my little homestead it is 63 degrees and sunny.  Incredible!  I walked the dogs out this morning without a coat.  I don't know how long it will last but I'm loving it.
Since it is February I have to post that the Mother Son Dance at my sons prep school is right around the corner.  March 10 to be exact.  So I have been shopping for dresses.  Every year I think of what I want my dress to be like and then I look.  Some people go shopping first and see what catches their eye.  That sounds like the sensible way doesn't it?  Well it doesn't work for me.  When I get something in my head, it's in there until I find it.  So although I must have 8 black cocktail dresses in my closet (no exaggeration) I suddenly had an urge for a black lace dress with a coffee colored or tan like slip.  I found one that I loved that Rachel McAdams wore to the premiere of The Vow, the movie I posted about.  So weird that she had this on.  I loved it.  Contacted the designer and of course, its not out yet, will be out in a few weeks and is way too expensive.  But now that dress is in my head.  So I have been searching for the closest feel to it and I found a dress that I really like.  I ordered it and I'm anxiously waiting for it to arrive.  Let me know what you think?
The first one is the one I wish I could have (Rachel is wearing it.)  The second one is the one I bought.
So I'm thinking of going to Joannes and buying a thick black satin ribbon to use as a sash for the middle. I also will wear it with black velvet heels and skin colored stockings, not black.
It arrives tomorrow.  Hopefully I will like the fit or I'll have to send it back and then it will be time to start all over again.  

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