You Had To See It To Believe It!!!!!

So this morning, my husband had to be in NYC very early in the morning, (work related) so I was assigned the morning coffee run.  I know what your thinking, why doesn't she make her own coffee at home?
Well I am addicted to Starbucks and I don't mind going 5 miles in the morning to get a fresh vanilla latte that I don't have to make.  
Anywho, as I was walking out of my home into the carport I heard a few sounds coming from my truck.  

This is my car.  I have a Ford Expedition and as you can see the tires and truck itself are huge.
When I followed the noise I realized it had been coming from my tire and low and behold there was a long furry tail whipping frantically from inside my tire.  I could see the furry thing and then it was gone.  
So I started to hit the side of the car and even kick the tire and nothing.  I opened my door and jumped inside and closed the door immediately and started the engine.  Everything seemed fine.  I rotated the tires with the wheel to the left and to the right checking that my furry friend had checked out.  
All was clear and I pulled our of my car port and drove slowly up to my mailbox.  Everything seemed fine.  I stopped for a few seconds and then I made the right turn unto the road.  As soon as I accelerated a bit I began to hear this gittery sound and then a clanging.  It happened a few times and then there was nothing.  I couldn't stop on any of our roads, they are old country roads that don't have a shoulder to stop and check.  But the noise had stopped. 
I immediately called my husband and told him.  To which he quickly dismissed my theory (like all husbands would) saying, "no, I"m sure it got spooked and jumped right out of your tire before you pulled away.  You will be fine!"
Uhhhhh Huh!
So I decided to pull into our town's gas station.  There was a young man attending and came right to the window.  
This is what happend next:
"Hi, can I help you." He said.
"I have a strange request."  I said.
He looked at me for a second and then leaned in.
"Can you check under my hood.  I believe there might be a squirrel inside." 
He looked at me and laughed.  I then began to tell him about what had happend and how I had actually seen the squirrels tail.
He looked and smiled and said "Sure."
I yelled out from the window.  "Be careful!"
And then he gave me the typical guy look.  You know that universal guy look that means the same thing in every country.  "Please, I"m a man!"
I pulled the hook inside to release the hood.
He then reached in and clicked that thingy that your supposed to squeeze to open the hood.
I watched from inside.
He lifted the hood and in one milisecond jumped back and dropped the hood as the squirrel let out squeeky sounds and ran deeper into my hood.  
All I heard was "Holy S*@T"
I'm thinking "Hmmmmm, so who didn't believe me?"
This is an actual picture of me inside watching the guy who is to my right behind the rosary beads. 
He said that he saw the startled terrified little face of this creature and he had never seen anything or experienced anything like that before.  It was his first.  
We laughed.
We spent at least 15 minutes hitting and turning on and off the ignition and honking the horn.  We never saw it leave or jump out.  I was able to drive home and park my truck back under the carport but I left the hood open so that my furry friend can make it's way out.  I'm waiting for Rob to return home so that he can have a detailed look.
But the one thing I kept thinking of was, what if the little guy did get out at the gas station without our knowledge, his home and family are here.  Will he find his way back home?  

You had to see it to believe it!


Dear Mother Goose

So last April, our little town was bursting with baby geese every where we looked.  I never took photos and I promised myself that this year I would.   I started taking some photos last week and that's when I found this beautiful mother Goose who had made her nest in the center of our town.  There is a small restaurant area where there are a few trees near the parking lot.  Strange that she would pick that area when our town is centered around tons of farms and much open and preserved farmland.  This mommy decided to lay her eggs in a small patch of grass that can't be more than four feet wide.  I took some photos.

Then all day yesterday it poured the entire day.  I was  so worried about this sweet mom.  Wondering if anyone covered her.  ( I know I'm crazy)  I wanted to go and put an umbrella over her.  But then you have to worry that she will get frightened and leave the nest or try to attack me.  She's so sweet.  So it poured way into the night and morning.  First thing I did this morning was to visit her.  She was there sitting on her eggs.  The ground, extremely saturated around her.
I said a little prayer for her and thought of how we have so much to learn from them.  She's not worried or frantic, but still in her place providing a shelter for her eggs.  Resting in the knowledge that the creator will take care of her.
I will take pics of her chicks when she has them and post them soon.


Wild About Lilacs!

Do I need to say more?  My favorite flowers, the smell, the color the look, they are absolutely divine.  As you can see I even added them to my blog header.  I do have to say that a few of the photos are not mine, they belong to 52 Flea, one of the blogs I follow.  I do give credit when credit is due.  So thank you for those.
I spent yesterday in my garden stopping and smellling, admiring and photographing my lilacs.
Here are some of the photos I took.


Notes & Timing & Pedal, Oh My!

I have been taking piano for almost two years now.  I'm 46 years old and both my sons have been playing since they were twelve and thirteen.  They both play beautifully.  We bought a beautiful piano years ago that for me has been the greatest investment and addition to our home.  Hence, our house has always been filled with music.  For years I have annoyed my sons as they practiced or played by dancing around as they played selections on the piano. 
My oldest will be 22 soon and my youngest is 16.  One day I was thinking about our home and how it would feel when my sons were gone, college, marriage, etc.  I sat on the piano bench and began to touch the keys thinking about how it would feel when I no longer could hear the sounds of the keys resonating thorughout my home.  That's when I decided that I needed to learn how to play.  
So I have been taking piano and little by little, lo and behold, I have learned to read music and play the piano.  I can play selections from intermediate level sheet music.  It is so rewarding to sit in front of such an incredible and mesmerizing instrument, look at a sheet of music that only two years ago was completely foreign to me and finally be able to understand what it says.  I hear a song that I like and immediately look for music on the internet and download and print out an intermediate version of it and laugh as I hear the song come to life from my fingers.  
Now I'm not going to say that it has been easy for me.  Honestly what they say is true.  It takes longer for an adult to learn compared to starting at a young age.  But It has been a rewarding journey and I am proud of myself for not giving up.  


Just Waiting. . .

So these are my two novels.  The one on the left is complete the one on the right, I am still working with my editor.  But I can proudly say that the editing is about 80 percent complete.  
My editor Victoria Mixon is an incredible mentor and person.  I don't know where I'd be as a writer without meeting her two years ago.  
I blurred out the info that is why you see a smudge underneath my titles.  Was going to post it like that and then realized that I have no control of who might view my blog.  
Anywho, I often daydream of the after.  After I get signed with an agent, after she/he matches me with a publisher, after I am published. . . etc. . . .
I look at my friend here, Nicky Sparks.  Okay so he's not really my friend but I've met him a few times on different book signings.  
Incase you didn't know who he was, he's written many wonderful books, The Notebook being my favorite of all.  (I think we make a good couple don't you think? Although my hair is a bit crazy)
I have gone to countless book signings for his books and I have stood there in the line wondering what it must be like to be in his shoes. Here I am with my dear friend Lori who tells me everytime we talk that she promises to be the person who clears people away from me when I do my book signings.  My own personal protector.  Hee Hee.   Below are some of the books that were made into movies.

I listed these because they were four of my favorites.  I have read all of his books and I wish they had made The Guardian and A bend in the Road and The Wedding (which is a continuation of the notebook) into movies as well.  
Every time I send another query out to an agent I wonder will this be the day, will this be the agent.  Honestly, although I marvel at Nicholas Spark's success, I don't care if I ever reach that level of  fame, I would just want to see my book in every bookstore in America.  
I have this fantasy that I will email everyone I know and ask them to take photos of themselves with my book at a different Barnes & Noble in every state until I have the entire USA mapped out and I'm going to make a scrapbook of them.  Okay, so I wouldn't mind some fame if it happend to come along with it but if not, I'll be happy too. (Not that I haven't practiced speaking to Robin Roberts on GMA before about my book, but that's another fantasy.)  This would be My legacy.  
I am waiting until I find the right agent to represent me.  I don't want to self publish. And if I can help it will not unless I am desperate and there are no agents left for me to hope for.  
I want to be published becuase it will establish me as a "professional writer".  Anyone can pay for something.  But doing that, I might never receive my own validation, to be told by someone in the literary profession that I have earned the right to confess to the world that yes I am a writer.  I am a published author.  
If and when I find an agent soon I will be quick to post about it.  Will let you all know my 28 followers.  Thank you for following me by the way.  I feel supported already just knowing your following my blog. Only I wish I had some more comments.  Come on people!


A Stroll Through My Garden. . . On A Windy Day

I decided to post about new growth in my garden but the wind was so intense I could barely hold my camera.  Here are a few shots.
I love the bleeding heart.  I love the contrast of color.

My perennial garden is awake!
Hello my lovely viburnum bush.  With the wind the smell was incredible today.  And if the viburnum is open you know what comes next. . . My Lilacs.  My favorite of all.  

My goal is to have rows of lilac trees all around my perennial garden.  I have seven.


Chicken Marsala

So I have been buying the Macaroni Grill kit to make their Chicken Marsala for quite some time.  I wanted to make it today and went to two markets and no one had them.  So I went on line and sure enough the recipe was right before my eyes.  And actually I like the way this one came out better than the kit.  I loved it.  Excellent turn out and so easy.  My sons love it and it looks really great served over Penne, fetuccinni, basically anything you would like to serve it over.  I wanted to share the recipe and show you a pic of my result.  Enjoy!

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