Decisions, Decisions!

This is Twilight, my formal living room color.  It is a Nell Hill color and she used in her home.
You can buy it on line from her at www.nellhills.com
This is Benjamin Moore Newburyport blue

This is Benjamin Moore Oxford Gray

I think I like the Newburyport blue a bit moore than the Gray.  Still not sure.
So I have decided on removing the wallpaper and painting all the wainscotting white.

I originally wanted the Gray until I saw photos of a room painted in both the colors.  
Try to imagine half the wall with wainscotting in white and white trim.  

In this photo this family used this Gray.  I don't like how it makes the room look, I almost feel like it should be a baby's room.  
Ayeeeeeeee!  Don't know what to do.  


Welcome Summer!

Today is the first day of Summer and I am thrilled.  Imagine running to the one you have been waiting for,
leaping into their arms in an open field and completely surrendering yourself to them?  That is me today with Summer.  I am in love, enthralled and completely and utterly besotted by Summer.  It can do whatever it wishes with me.  I surrender.  And I also welcome the heat and all that comes with it.  I don't care if my hair frizzes, I'll just wear a hat.  I love when my skin changes in color (of course under the supervision of nothing less than 45 spf and I even use up to 100, which they claim doesn't do more than 35 anyway)

A few essentials I need to make my summer spectacular. (Aside from a good baseball cap, a scrungy for my hair, sunglasses and sunscreen)

A good pair of flip flops, preferebly rubber ones from old navy my fav.
The sun beaming down my face.
The sand under my feet.
A great cup of coffee to start me off.
A good book by my side or a clean pad and pen to write down a few ideas for my books.
No worries. (Okay, now that one is a life long process and I struggle with that every single day.)
No schedule aside from rinsing off my bathing suit for the next day.
A simple meal.
Plenty of walking time.
Don't need much conversation, might block the sound of the gulls, the ocean waves and the gentle breeze of the sea.
A clear night and an open window to hear the ocean as I sleep.

And when I"m home, away from my home by the sea, 

My trusty adirondack chair if I want to catch some rays or my porch swing under the cool pale blue roof of my porch.  
A quick grilled dinner and plenty of time outdoors away from the television.  No distractions just peaceful moments.  
I rush and put in a few loads of laundry, I plan my dinner ahead, every chore takes priority so that to give myself ample time of relaxing out doors.  Don't want to come in until the bats come out.  Literally.  
That's about 8:30 pm.  
Thank you dear Summer for arriving once again in my life.  I have waited for you for so long.  I will seek repose in your embrace.


Just a Quick Note!

Don't know if it's because of the feature in Cote de Texas, or some just happenstance but I am thrilled that I have 44 followers!  Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog.  It means so much.  I try to click on each new face and find their blogs but some don't have.  Also try to email new blog friends to welcome them but many times there is no email.  So I wanted to say thank you to all my new blog-sphere friends and welcome you to my blog, and a tiny glimpse at my life.  Your comments are appreciated.

Hydrangea Heaven!

There are no words!


Deck The Walls!

My poor husband!  If I had a dime for every time I've said to him, "Rob, can you hang this for me?"  or "Rob do you think this wall could use a little something?"  I would have a room just filled with dimes.  Hee Hee.  I am constantly looking for art work, and when I don't find it I print it out and frame it myself.
I've blogged about that before.  Briefly for my new followers, I look up art work that I like, google it, try to find it without the water mark and print it on good quality photo paper and then I find a great matte and frame and presto!  I have incredible art work.
I had Rob hang some of my latest purchases and he said "Lisa, we have no walls left for any more art!"
I just nodded and walked away.
Here is one of the ones I printed out and made myself.  I love it and have it hung in my foyer.
I can never get the light right with my new camera.  (Maybe I should read the book)  Anywho, on the two sides of the walls are two new prints I purchased.  The one of the right looks like my little Wally.
Here is a larger view of the room.  I used Mary Carol Garrity's paint called "TWILIGHT!"  (Joni, did you think I would pass on a paint named Twilight?"
Love it.  It's so dark and navy and matches my couches exactly.  
I love the corner where the round end table is.  I have some of my favorite things on the table so I can look at them and enjoy them every day.  Mary Carol constantly says in all her books that we should have our favorite things out to see and use and display rather than placed in some hutch or behind a glass case.  She's right.  Life is so short.  I want to enjoy my things.  Lay on my couches and use my pretty plates as much as I can. 
Today I painted my trim in white.  I loved how it came out.  Again, the colors didn't come out right.  I used the night time switch but I think with the lighting already in the room it appears to have a yellowish hue.  Above my molding I have 5 of Nell Hiill's prints (from Mary Carol's store)  Believe me, if I could fill every space with a tiny frame I would.  
I even put framed art in my bathroom.
The company that I purchased the small framed art has a lovely website and I copied these photos from it to post.  I love the placement of the art in the room.  Absolutely lovely.  
See for yourself.  
The photos below are not my house (I wish)  They are from the website of Hal Kramer.  My friend Susan Taylor told me about it and I aboslutely loved looking through it.  I ordered my art work from them.  It was very reasonable and lovely and was shipped in 5 days.  Hope you enjoy it.  Here is the website if your interested:  www.halkramer.com
 Notice they give you 2 different placement ideas for the art work above the chair.  Magnificent!


OHHHH MY Gosh! Our Home Is Featured In Cote De Texas!

Please click on Joni's blog and take a look.  I'm so excited.  She compaired out home to the house in the Big Chill.  Love you Joni!

I thought it would be important to say that all my inspirations for the house and the garden I have gotten from so many of my mentors and thought that as excited as I am that Cote de Texas posted on our home, I couldn't take all the credit.  I am inspired daily by Mary Carol Garrity of Nell Hills in Kansas and all her books and ideas, my dear friend, incredible designer Susan Taylor from Black Eyed Susan's, Carolyne Roehms notebooks and books, always my dear friend KC Fitz-Maurice an incredible designer as well as magazines like Country Living, and blogs like Cote De Texas, A Country Farmhouse, Wind Lost, Lynne's Gift from the heart and the entire list of blogs I follow always inspire me each and every day.  Thank you I am thrilled.  xoxo
Thanks for your comments!  I am humbled.

(Here is her blog)


Clematis & Bird Houses, A Perfect Pair

This is one of my bird houses.  Look how incredibly covered it is. 

 What fortunate birds!  The other day one of the tiny inhabitants was on top of the house singing at the top of his lungs.  I think he was boasting and yelling to all the neighborhood birds "look at my house, look at my house!"

The color is absolutely incredible.  
Believe it or not, underneath this purple clematis is a small old birdhouse half the size of the other.  


I Dreamed of . . .

When I was younger I dreamed of the deep south and the homes that I read about in novels about the south or southern way.  I was always drawn to homes with the deep porches where the characters "sat for a spell" and enjoyed their mint julip tea or lemonade while taking a moment to relax from the day.
I used to hope someday I would have a home that I could enjoy the small touches I loved and read about for years.
 I always dreamed of having a flag hanging on my porch from Memorial day throughout the Summer.  It has always signaled a welcome to the Summer season.
Although I will never own a house this grand, I try to capture the things that I love about the homes that I have admired over the years into my home.
It's really about imagination and creativity really.  Scale is really not that important.  I have been in enormous homes that lack character where as I have entered charming small and humble homes that have simply taken my breath away with simple placement of things and furniture, a certain piece of art work on the proper wall all make a gigantic impression.
If your wondering the home below is from one of my favorite books/movie.  The Notebook.

I am drawn to homes with porches.  The more the better.  I have been blessed with one that is just right for me.  
But here are a few photos of homes that I just had to show you.  
This house is in Cape May.  Whenever we are at out beach house I have to visit it a few times.  I stare at it's four glorious porches imagining that I am sitting in them looking out at the sea.
Is this not incredible?
But realistically speaking, that house would involve so much work that I think eventually one would spend so much time maintaining that it must be exhausting.
I love the porch on this home and the farm feel.  Isn't it breathtaking?  I saw this in one of the blogs that I follow and had to post about it but forgot which blog.
Another thing I dreamed about having was white adirondack chairs placed in pairs somewhere on the grass.  I had always seen them in magazines and hoped that I could place them someday in my home.

And the last thing was that I wanted to have plenty of places for wild birds to make their homes and nests.

We have three bird houses and each one is always inhabited by families.  I think our birds are totally spoiled.

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