Kansas Has Nell Hill, Bucks County Has Susan Taylor

I promised that I would blog about today and I am ready.  So if you just clicked on, I hope you have a comfortable chair because I have alot of photos and alot to write about.  I'm still on cloud nine from my day trip to one of my favorite designers and happy to say friend's Home Tag Sale.
Okay so this is what Susan sent out via e-mail.  Just reading it sent me into a hot flash!  I have had to read this over and over for the past two weeks counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until today. (Remember, I take care of my mom full time, I don't get out much so this for me was monumental!)
Okay are you ready?????  
Unfortunately I failed to take a photo of Susan's gorgeous home from the outside.  I went with my dearest friends Kc and Michelle and we arrived 9 minutes before ten.  We sat in the car laughing and looking at the time until it was time to go inside.  
All I can say is OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Okay This is going to be a long post of photos)
When Michelle, KC and I walked inside we were greeted my Susan's friends/staff who told us that anything with an orange (of course) tag was for sale.  But there were so many things that didn't have a tag that we wanted as well.  I kept yelling,"come on, lets just put it in the truck, she'll never know."
Hee hee. (Remember to double click on the pics so you can see them larger.)
Let us begin with the Lady of the Manor, Susan Taylor.  Here she is in her beautiful boudoir.  
Her bed is for sale, her curtains, her armoire, her lamps her chairs, her art work.  Oh my I had so many hot flashes from excitement I can't even begin to tell you.  
Her bedroom is stunning.  I have the same painting in my dinningroom.  "The Painter's Honeymoon."  I love it.  So glad she wasn't selling hers.
Her lovely dishes, regretfully I didn't buy any because I was paying too much attention to everything else.
Here is my lovely friend KC.  We were giddy with excitement shopping first dibbs at Susan's home today.  KC purchased that lamp and I purchased that painting behind her on the table.

There is Michelle, too busy to look up for the photo.  She bought that charming little table.
View from the stairs.  
One of the many amazing, sweet and charming bathrooms.
Lovely guest room filled with gems.
Look at this fabulous chair.  It was priced 160.00 incredible.

This chair was so lovely.  100.00 dollars.  A steal but I didn't have room for it.
KC bought this lovely mirror for her bedroom.
This is Susan's Master bathroom.  Look at her vanity with a wall full of antique mirrors.
To die for.
One of the many stunning chandeliers.

A close up of the chair and price.  

I purchased this lovely table.   Love this table so much.  Originally bought 1,500.  I bought it for $250.00  So excited.  Absolutely love it!  Wish I had the room for the two wing chairs I would have put matching slip covers on.  Lovely.

Susan and I in her dinning room.  It must have been 85 degrees today and 90 inside and there I am with a long sleeve blouse and I even wore a jacket.

Today was a joy.  I spent the morning with two of my lovely friends, at another talented and lovely friends home while shopping for lovely things.   Then when I got home my little table I bought on ebay came for my foyer.  
I fell in love with this table.  My foyer is so tiny but it fit perfectly.  I can't stop looking at it.  I placed my purchase above it temporarilly until Rob gets home and can hang it up for me.  The painting was so lovely.  I think it was meant to be in my foyer.  Today felt like Christmas.  
I know it must sound silly to go on and on about furniture and things for the home.  I know they are things and just things but they enhance my little spaces at home.   I take care of my mom after my father passed three years ago therefore I can't work, and my days can be stressful when she is having a bad day (forgetting things) but I'm thankful for good days like this one.  I thank God for them and for allowing me to enjoy the little things.  I am also blessed to have a husband who is kind and supportive.  I buy things only when I can and appreciate all that I have because life is precious and short.  As long as your priorities are in order and your family comes first and what they need then I don't believe enjoying a few things is a bad thing.
The other little painting I bought was this little charming one.  My total was $410.  But subtract 80 because 2 botanicals I bought I'm selling to KC, because I decided not to use them for my foyer so she's buying them to go with the one she bought today.  So the total changes to $330.  I think I did well and not too over my budget.  I bought a 1500 dollar table for 250, 2 paintings, and two little metal decorations for my half bath at 2 dollars each.
It was utopia.  All I needed was Robert Pattinson and fried shrimp and I could have died and gone to heaven. And to top it all off I met a lovely lady, Cindy, who immediately said "Hey your Lisa's Hideaway."  She recognized me from my blog.  She's a follower.  I felt like a celebrity.  Thank you Cindy.  (She didn't let me take her photo for my blog)
Next time Cindy.
Thanks Susan, Thanks KC & Michelle for a fun morning.
Thanks to all of you who follow my little blog.


I Love Autumn for . . .

Next to my obsession with summer I would have to say that Autumn is my second favorite season.
Our home is surrounded by many farms and most of them have pumpkin picking activities and our favorite "Haunted Hayrides."
I enjoy pumpkins, and baking with them.  Love to make my pumpkin loafs, and pumpkin cookies that are wonderful.
I enjoy Autumn because it reunites the family.  It brings us in earlier.  
Fall television is better, there are scary movies always on (Okay I can't handle too scary)
We make hot chocolate and smores, I buy apple cider and make hot tea in the evening and my favorite thing to do is nestle in my favorite chair with a nearby throw around my lap and one of my favorite books to look through.  That is if my dogs give me a chance before they jump on my lap to have a nap.
I like roasting meats in the oven and autumn vegges like butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  
There is usually a fresh batch of cookies once a week baking in the oven and apple pies are more frequent.  
I tend to wish that we didn't have all the advanced technology.  That we could go back when you talked more, played more games, spent more time around the home watching one of three channels you had on your television.  More people took the time to write letters instead of texting and 
time was slower and less stressful.  
The greatest part of Autumn is that we use our fireplace alot.  Nothing better than hearing the wood crackling as you sit in your favorite chair and smell the wonderful fragrance of the burning wood.  
The light in the afternoons is golden and as you grab your favorite sweater and scarf you breathe in the fresh crisp air.
Happy Autumn Friends, 
Take time to do something comforting for yourself.


Harvest Day

I know I said I wouldn't post until I went to Susan's tag sale on Thursday but I had forgotten about Harvest Day.  Our home is very close to the Delaware River.  It runs through our neighboring towns and through Washington Crossing.
It is a bucolic setting where locals set Adirondack chairs to face the lovely river, or where people spend their Saturdays and Sunday's on their small canoes and boats fishing or riding down the river.  
The small canal runs parallel to the river and usually is filled with joggers and bike riders or dog owners walking their dogs on a lazy afternoon. 
Well today there were no walkers, or runners, no one fishing or boating because it was Harvest Day.  
Harvest Day is a yearly event where vendors set up their tents along the streets.  There usually is live music and many outdoor cooking.  

We had lovely weather and as you can see there was a wonderful turnout.  
I was impressed by a lovely woman painter painting with acrylics on canvas, this sweet house.  I had to take a photo.

My oldest son's girlfriend Liddy is an artist.  She is a graphic designer and a creatively artistic person who makes lovely creations out of recycled paper and natural products.  
Here is my son and his girlfriend tending to customers.  She had so many intrigued by her work and literally everyone who left her tent left with a shopping bag.  

 Did I mention it was 84 degrees?
Her signs were all done handmade, freehand mind you.  Lovely.  Everything she does is so delicate and  
beautiful.  I bought some feathers that were made from paper and sprinkled with glitter and a sweet copper flower she made of paper as well.  
www.madebyliddy.com is Liddy's sight if anyone out there is interested in seeing or ordering any of her lovely creations.  
My other son Matt in the back ground.  I wore a long sleeve blouse in silk that I love but today it was 84 degrees and although I was in fall mode, I sweat like crazy.  I don't know what I was thinking.  But It truly was a beautiful day for Harvest day.


Autumn Mantle

So I did a little change to my mantle to welcome the new season.  I find that I like my mantle simple.
My mantle in the Summer looked like this.

I wanted to emphasize the white.  I added a bit more today for the fall.
I placed two of my botanicals up with a lovely little blue pumpkin I purchased at Black Eyed Susan's.  
I know there are endless possibilites but I wanted to keep it simple.  
Mary Carol posted some of her ideas for mantles on her blog.  Lovely ideas.  I think what's important for all of us (and believe me it's very hard for me to admit) that true style is learning from others, becoming a student of everything and incorporating the bits and pieces of all that we learn with what we most love.  
I recently told one of my dearest friends, KC who is an incredible designer, after she paid me a compliment, that I felt like all I did was copy what I saw.  I tend to do that.  And although it works, I am learning that tweaking things just a bit, or adding a little something dear, old, special to a set idea makes it unique.  I get obsessed with trying to duplicate what I spot at my designer friends houses or in a magazine and I am trying to grow and learn that I need to trust my instinct and be more flexible.

I wish to thank my 69 followers for joining my little blog.  I can't tell you how excited that has made me.  I appreciate every comment and feel blessed to be supported in my little weekly babble and venting hideaway.  
Thank you

P.S. Next post will be about my trip to Susan's home for her home tag sale.  I can't wait!  I will be taking my camera to the event to document everything I buy and even what I don't buy.  How fun!


My Lanterns Came From Kansas!

I recently wrote that I ordered some lanterns from Nell Hill's store for my front porch.  My husband told me to order them since I was sad about not being able to go to Mary Carol's open house this year.
Well they came on Friday.  Love them!  Let me know what you think okay.
Now if you like them please feel free to click on the Nell Hill Icon on my sidebar it will direct you to her online shopping and you can purchase them too.  I bought the large ones.  I do have a small one as well that I had purchased on my trip to Kansas.  Take a look!
Here they are in my kitchen when they arrived.  Aren't they just to die for?  I simply love them.
I had to put Mary Carol's signature black and white gingham ribbon on it and some greens I bought from Black Eyed Susan's.  
And here they are on my porch.  I just love them so much.  I bought two faux flame candles and I'm ready for the fall.  

And there it is in front of Mary Carol's home.  There are endless possibilities.  You can put ribbons or flowers, pumpkins inside, whatsoever you wish to do.  I love it.  Perfect idea to welcome in the fall.

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