An Old Secretary is New for Me

When I visited Mary Carol Garrity's home in November I was in love with her secretary in her Living Room.  I had seen it before at her house when I went to the Fall open house.  It was so lovely to me. 
For the past few months I have been looking for something similar. I finally found one.  
It arrived yesterday and I must have spent 2 hours playing with it, touching it, wiping it, organizing it.  
There's my lady again, the one I brought in and had a little wreath around her neck. 
Now I am not sure about the vases at the top yet.  I wish I could position them closer but the top is so narrow it's impossible.

Here you can see the piece completely.  

 I love how it matches the room and it's so thin that it didn't crowd the room.  My formal living room is not big at all.   So that was always a concern of mine.  We did measure when we ordered it but that was always on my mind, "what if it crowds the room or makes the room look too cluttered."
 Now I didn't have a tiny lamp like Mary Carol has on hers so I had this candlestick that I only had one of.  Don't remember why.  I like it there.  It makes me think of someone writing at night by candlelight.
Perhaps a love letter.
Now I noticed when we opened the desk, if you look at the flat part from the side, the camel colored part that is made of a thin leather? When you bend down and look across it, you can actually see indentations of letters, curves and swayed imprints of a pen or a quill.  I love that.  I'm so in love with this piece and what I love mostly is the time I spend thinking about who might have written on this desk.  What was her or his name?  I tend to let my imagination run wild and I can see a young woman dressed fully in her petticoats and laced up ankle boots, using parchment paper and fresh ink to tell her story.  
There is a movie with Campbell Scott and Jennifer Jason Leigh that reminds me about my desk.  It's called the Love Letter.
It's a hallmark hall of fame movie about a man who purchases an antique desk and finds a letter in it dated back to another time.  He reads the letter and becomes fixated with the young woman who writes about how desperate she is to find love.  Out of curiousity he writes back and places it back in the desk, the next day the letter is gone and then we see another time, where a young woman receives a letter from a young man.  You get the picture.  They continue with their magical correspondence.  
It is a beautiful story.
Unfortunately I did not find any letter from Campbell Scott for me in the desk.  Pity!
Hee Hee


Blondie's Journal said...

Your Secretary is just beautiful, lee, and I love the way you styled it! Hurray for you!


Heather said...

So pretty and very MCG-inspired!

BB said...

Oh, Lisa, the desk is PERFECT. I loved MCG's desk when I saw it too. Your desk adds a wonderful element to your room. Great purchase!

Keeping It Cozy said...

What a stunning piece! It fits the room perfectly.

Windlost said...

A beautiful piece! Great find!


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Such a nice new piece to display your things! I like that it has indentations from past writers.

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