Building Fences

When we bought our home, in 1996 we knew there was a lot of work to be done.  It would take years to get things to the way we wanted them to be.  Our property consists of 4 acres boardering on our neighbors 25 acres and towards the back our other neighbor has 8 acres.  We have an over 100 year old school house two doors down which owned most of the land around us.  Our land belonged once to the school house.  Our home falls under the historic society land so anytime we have done additions or changes to our landscape we have had to seek approval of the historical board.
Our porch had to be approved to be period correct and our study had to meet the approval of the board members.
Our driveway is split between our house and our neighbors.

When we first moved here we inherited this small little fence on the right hand side in the front of our property.  There is also another small piece of fence going halfway down our property covering what we like to call the little bridge which goes over a small water run off.  
You can see the two small mismatched fences over the little bridge.  The farthest one belongs to my neighbor, the one on my side is mine.  That is why they do not match, although we inherited them when we moved in.  You can also see the school house across my neighbor's yard. The white two story house down past the fence is the school house.
So this year I bought some fresh greens and draped some over my side of the fence.  
I loved how it looked even though the fence needs to be redone desperately.  My desire is to build a fence along our side all the way down to our carport from the mailbox.  I know it is an expense but our Amish friends are willing to do it for us and even came to measure.  My husband originally only wanted to replace the two pieces but I had a secret plan.  So when Steve came to measure I asked him to measure and price out the entire length of our driveway so that we could have an idea of the cost.  We also decided to replace my neighbors as well.  He is away until the Spring and it also needs repair.  
I have my fingers crossed hoping that my husband will want to do the project.  
Rob is very handy, but building a fence that length requires professionals.  Some of that ground hasn't been touched in decades and the length of the front is two acres so from my house to the mailbox would not be fun.  Although I have never encountered anything that Rob can't fix or do.  (Totally trying to get this fence.  Hee Hee)
Towards the back of my home my neighbor has a fence around the perimeter where the horses used to be.
 This is a view from the back.
I miss the horses.  I always felt safe with them there and I miss the sounds they made and watching them run and play in the grass.  
 I love these two photos below. (Taken from the internet, not our home)

I've always been facinated with roads and walkways where a fence runs alongside it.  
I think about next Thanksgiving and next year and if I had a fence I could buy some fresh green rope garland like the one I bought for my front porch and my small fence in the front, from Home depot.  They had the best greens this year.  Just thinking about wrapping it along the fence. . .Hmmm, I get giddy just thinking.   Hopefully.  Will keep you "posted. " ( no pun intended, hee hee.)


Keeping It Cozy said...

It's so fascinating to read about your land once belonging to the old schoolhouse and I loved the glimpse of it. The fence project sounds wonderful!

BB said...

Your property is lovely. I hope you get your fence!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, I too love a fence. Hope you can talk hubby into extending your fence.
Guess where I stopped on Monday??? Yes darling, Nell Hill's in Briarcliff, it's a short 10 minute drive from Mr. P's doctor's office, you can see some of the pictures on my last post. I'm desperate to have a set of the lamps in her home foyer, any ideas? I'm afraid to ask the price. lol I have a passion for lamps. I'm also looking for a source to purchase the ginger jars for the shop... a lot of time is being spent on google.. lol Hope you're staying warm your way.
hugs ~lynne ~

Leslie said...

Your property is so pretty and I love the horses! The fence project sounds exiting and how wonderful to live in an area with so much history.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, hope you're having a super weekend filled full of fun and decorating. hugs ~lynne ~

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Beautiful winter pictures . Do you still have lots snow?
Here in Iowa. We are suppose to get more tonight.

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