My Matt is 17 Today

Today is bittersweet.  My youngest is 17.  He is driving and just got his first car. (2010 used but in great shape)  He is a junior and next year will be his last year in High School.  It's hard to believe for me.
As this collage is filled with photos, snapshots of a life, so is my mind flashing before me pictures of
 me:      holding my baby in the hospital
rocking him to sleep
watching him take his first steps
seeing him start grade school
spending summers at the beach
and the list goes on.  . .   It's all goes so quick. I hope he knows how much I cherish him.  Both my sons, but today is Matt's day.
Love you my sweet boy, may you never change.


BB said...

Matt and I share the same birthday with a FEW years separating us! Ha.

Enjoy him while he is still under your roof. It looks as if he is a fine young man.


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