So I'm watching, nurturing and anxiously awaiting the blooming of my paperwhites.  I am going to transplant them into two small pots to place on my clean mantle.  Funny how after Christmas clean up all I want to do is simplify.  My mantle is always the first thing I like to see clean and clear.
This is my first year buying Paperwhites.  I've always wanted them and have always forgotten to buy the bulbs.  Did you know that they are cultivated in Israel along the Sea of Galilee?  I thought that was so interesting.  Perhaps that is why they are associated with Christmas, as the winter flower?  Perhaps they bring blessings form a holy land.
I shall be waiting to see the first bloom.  "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." John Keats


Windlost said...

Lovely little baby stalks emerging. I just love paperwhites but they smell really bad! I can tolerate it but my husband hated the scent, so I had to put them in my bathroom! I finally could not bear them and out they went. Yours will be beautiful but get ready to hold your nose! They smell like formaldehyde. Or dead bodies.
xo Terri

Keeping It Cozy said...

They will be so beautiful. After Christmas I love the look of clean and simple too.

Lee said...

Omgosh now I'm worried. I've never smelled them before yikes! Hee hee

Windlost said...

Haha. Their beauty surpasses the scent, in my opinion, and some people don't mind it. Others hate the smell! I didn't know either when I brought them home. Lilies are the same - too strong!
xo Terri

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I'm like you too - ready to simplify, and really clean things up - declutter! Happy New Year!

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