Thinking Ahead

I know most of us, including myself have put away every last sign of Christmas.  I packed everything neatly with some amazing boxes I found in Joanne's.  Lovely red fabric boxes with partitions different from the plastic storage boxes that have layers and partitions.
I used tissue paper to wrap my most precious ornaments and zippered the very last box away.  But as I look at my paperwhites, now, all in bloom, I can't help but think of how quickly Christmas came and went.

By the way, they do smell like funeral home, but that's okay.  I think their beauty surpasses their scent.
I was thinking today about these lovely boxwood balls I found at my sweet little hardware store I told you about.
Now they had two 16 inch ones but I found them to be very expensive.  $130.00 each.  
I had originally seen some in Homegoods in late November for about 80 dollars.  (I still think they are really expensive)  Anyway, I began thinking about my urns in the front of our home.  Every year I cut some greens from my white pines and then buy some greens form nurseries or this year Home Depot.  They were fantastic and the best prices I had seen.  If my hardware store carried greens I would get them from them.  I am all for supporting my local businesses and not turning to the big names.  
I thought of using some cedar or pine around the perimeter and then putting these balls in the center with white lights.  
I have started looking for the best prices around for 16 inch ones but I know the search is going to take some time.  Would like to find them for under 40 dollars since I need 4 but I know that will require some luck and alot of searching.
So today I decided to pay a visit to one of my favorite little antique places.  Not that I thought I would find a boxwood artificial ball but I was just looking for inspiration.  I found a few lovely items I wanted to share with you.
 These 2 little red toile painted pots.  $6.00 each.  I thought they would look great on my white mantle. 
 Perhaps with some little ferns or some greenery for Christmas.

I found this little golden brown toile painted porcelain box.  So lovely.  $15.00 I couldn't believe the price.  This one I put out right away.
 This little wire basket was $5.00.
 And finally this lovely oval tray.
The inside had glass over a lovely fabric base.  $8.00.
So it was a good find day.  Don't you love to get great deals?  


Heather said...

I love that wire basket. I couldn't have passed it by either.

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