My Settee

A few years back, I went to one of my favorite antique places with one of my best friends, Dawn.
We both fell in love with a settee we saw in the store.  Dawn had been lookin for one for her living room and I had been looking for something for my bedroom.  
Here is a photo of us at my anniversary party a few years back.  People have always told us that we look like sisters, and whats funny is that we have very similar taste in things.  Especially clothes. But on that day we both fell in love with the same settee.
Here is a photo of the settee back then.  It had a gold fabric that I wasn't crazy about but it was in such great condition and we both loved the shape of it. Well Dawn decided not to take it and I decided to buy it, consulting her of course.  
Now I have done little projects here and there fixing old furniture or reupholstering a small chair but never something of this size.  I assumed that I would be able to do it.  Boy was I wrong.  After 4 attempts with a nail gun, a staple gun and glue gun and sewing by hand I decided to give up.  
Well a few months ago I found a wonderful little company that gave me a great deal with the settee.  I picked a fabric and I had it in a week and a half.  

 I positively freaked when I saw the finished product.  The color is a soft cream color chenille.  I wanted velvet but didn't want to pay the velvet price.  The chenille worked beautifully.
I had asked for tufting but the curved shape behind it made it impossible.  The tiny little buttons were a perfect touch to satisfy my tufting need.

Here it is in my bedroom with my favorite painting above.  I love my settee and am so happy that I bought it and had it done by a professional.  I could have never done such a job.  
And as for Dawn and her search for her settee, she found an equally perfect one for her livingroom.  

Dawn found hers in the same store we visit often, the same place I found mine.  I love hers as well.  Love the rattan on the sides too.  


Blondie's Journal said...

Hurray for you and Dawn (and you do look like sisters!). You picked out a lovely fabric, the settee looks so elegant. What a great transformation and I give you a lot of credit for giving it a try yourself.

Happy Weekend, Lee!


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

It's great you both found the right settee! Both are beautiful.
hugs ~lynne ~

Keeping It Cozy said...

Oh my goodness, your settee is gorgeous! Love the fabric and the little buttons. A piece to treasure for years to come! You and Dawn do look like sisters - a beautiful photo!

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