Dreaming of Roses . . .

As I sit here and look through my new David Austin catalog, while waiting for snow I am feeling anxious to see my first buds.  I know it will be weeks before I start to see my lovely Constance Spry or my Generous Gardener, Clare and Barbara Austin, Gertrude Gekyll, Heritage, Pat Austin, and the Shepherdess.  I believe those are all my David Austin collection of his old english roses.  Funny though my favorite is Constance and she only flowers for 3 to 4 weeks the entire season and is not a repeat bloomer.  I wish she would repeat.  I love her so.
I thought I'd share some photos of my roses with you as I sit in my desk with a chill from the wintery blast we are about to get today.  Perhaps I can mentally escape through my posting.
I have so many other varieties but as much as I try to keep their names and write them down I tend to loose the tag or forget to jot it down.   So forgive me if I don't write their names, all I know is they bring me joy with their fragrances, appearance and constant blooming of color.  After a long winter it is what the soul needs.
The first one is my favorite, Constance Spry.  You can see why she is my favorite can't you?

 The above photo is taken from my bedroom window, this is what I saw two May and June's ago when I looked out my window.  Constance was the first thing I saw in the morning, her way of saying Good Morning.

 This year I lost count how many blooms I had.    Then she was hit by a storm and cut in half that fall and I had to cut her down to about a foot.  For the next two years she didn't bloom as much but now she's fully grown once more and I'm hoping and thinking that this season will be a good one for my sweet Constance.
 This is New Dawn (not a David Austin variety but just as lovely.  Her scent is incredible)
 Although a bit blurry this is Iceberg.  A white lovely climber that is stunning and has a lovely scent as well.  Paired beautifully on my trellis with New Dawn.

 Even on my front porch they are fighting to peak inside.
 I have to check who these lovely ladies are, I've planted 4 or 5 in this spot and only two came up after the addition and I have misplaced their tags.
When I sit in my swing, I spend so much time looking at these lovely blooms, each distinct and unique from the other but just as beautiful.
On the left side of my porch is my rose garden and I like to call it my rose jungle because sometimes it can just be overwhelming with blooms.  Wish I hadn't taken these photos with my phone and used my canon rebel instead.  Oh well, will do this Summer.
I just can't wait to smell the roses once again. 


Keeping It Cozy said...

Oh my, how lovely! Your roses are beautiful... I am wanting to plant some this year. I have been thinking about ordering some David Austin roses and now you've convinced me! Also, did you make some changes to your blog? It looks wonderful.

Sue said...

How beautiful! I wish I had a green thumb.

9405018--Pat said...

Beautiful thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

Roses are so beautiful, but they seem to be difficult to grow. You have a wonderful talent for growing them. I can see why you are looking forward to spring and summer.

Nella said...

Lee, your roses are scrumptious !! I can just imagine the scent on your porch in the early summer....just catching up now on some of my blogs....Still much to do, but we are back at home...N,xo

Mallori said...

So beautiful!

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