Bringing in the White

I am not a seamstress.  Never have been, never learned.  The one thing I am is daring, or atleast daring when it comes to reupholstering something.  I have done quite a few pieces in my home over the years, now remember I can't sew.  
My mom used to sew for years and God knows I have watched her sew a million projects.  
Anyway, I have been wanting to change this chaise for the longest to white.  I had made numerous trips to Joanne's Fabrics looking for the right white fabric and had no luck.  I wanted something with texture and a bit more thickness than plain cotton.  
I found these nice tablecloths at Bed Bath and Beyond that had the exact feel and look that I wanted.  I bought 3 sizes 60 by 102 and I was able to do my chaise.  

So when I began I took apart the old slipcover piece by piece that I had made.  Almost if you can imagine like a puzzle and then I used each piece separated as a pattern to cut with the new fabric.  Half way through I broke my mom's sewing machine.  Can't figure out what's wrong with it, checked the internet and everything. I think it has to do with the "timing" whatever that means so I have to take it in this week to the vac and sew shop in town for maintenace.  Needless to say I am a very impatient person, and when I start a project I want to finish it by yesterday if you know what I mean.  
So believe it or not, I completed it by hand.  Yes I did.  Now I have quite a bit of mistakes, but you know what?  Who cares, it looks good from far and it made me happy to see the change for my bedroom.  On Monday I am having the entire room painted "Benjamin Moore's Simply White" and I will be happy looking at my white chaise and knowing all the work I went through to get it right.  
Love it.  


Blondie's Journal said...

You did an amazing job on this chaise! It looks professional and I'm not kidding. I know getting everything to fit smoothly is hard but you did it. Be proud!


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I am so impressed. Looks beautiful. I have a couple of projects like this, but not as complicated that I keep putting off. I will just have to do it soon, and try. I hope you have a wonderful Easter.

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