Barn Sale

So I decided to have a Barn Sale.  You know the things you buy here and there that you think you need or the things you believe you can never live without.  How about the ones that you say "OMGOSH I have to have it!"  Well all of those things, I'm selling.  Honestly, you know what usually comes after an impulse buy, for me it's "Hmmmmm, why did I get this?"  Although I must say alot of the things I'm selling I still love, but I have been in a mood of finding a balance between pretty and simple, between accessorizing too much or accenting just right.  My upstairs is alot different from my downstairs.  It's simpler and less accented by little things here and there, where downstairs I am more preoccupied with how the room looks because any guests will automatically be in those areas.
Ever since I photographed my friend KC's home (see A Charming Country Home) I have been fixated with the idea of incorporated antique and vintage with new and traditional the way she so beautifully succeeded in doing.  If you haven't seen the photos please do, just lovely.
Here is a peek inside of my barn.

So at the end of the day I am beat.   The day was lovely but a little cold for me.  I froze in my barn.   I think I did well although a few ladies I was expecting weren't able to come.  So that just means I'm gonna have to have another one soon to see if I can sell the rest of my things.  I had in total 15 lovely ladies and two husbands come today and I wish to thank them all.  I met new people and enjoyed visiting with my friends who came to support my impulsive idea.  
You really know who your friends are when they support you even during your crazy ideas.  
Thanks Michelle & Dawn your the best!
Also thanks to Karen, Meg, Amy, Donna and Shannon and her crew, sorry a 20 minute drive took a three hour tour. . . a three hour tour. . .   Hee Hee.  


Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Ohhhhh..... I wish I could've been there! But I would like to buy the barn and move it here to my Tennessee farm! :-) ~ Dori ~

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I just love your barn! Looks like people would be able to find great treasures. I am working on cleaning my house out as well. Too many things I don't use.

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, I really really really want and need the blue and white ginger jar and compote.... email asap... hugs ~lynne~

Lee said...

Honestly I was thinking of posting photos of what was left and if someone liked something they can email me or post something. Let me know what you think?

Susan Taylor said...

Wow, I loved the post and the photos. I so relate to your frame of mind for change, yet keeping your cherished things and incorporating them into a new look. I had returned your email the week I was in charleston to let you know I was committed all day on Saturday with the Bucks County Designer House , deadlines and another eye surgery this week. I'm sorry I couldn't support you and be there. Looks like you had some great stuff to sell! Maybe next time?

Very cute photo of you! You look tired...it's a big project!


Brenda said...

Your barn is perfect! Getting a sale like that is a TON of work.

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