I'm Smitten

Today Rob and I went to Milkhouse Antiques.  I had heard about this antique haven last week at  Clover Market.  Milkhouse Antiques is a 37 vendor haven inside a large building 63 miles away from my home.  I had wanted to visit it all week and my wonderful husband drove with me today.
I have to say we were there for about a half an hour and I don't think I closed my mouth once due to the beautiful vintage, shabby chic, french country, old country and garden antiques.  Absolutely wonderful.
I gathered a few baskets while I was looking for a small bucket when I came face to face with this beauty.
I was completely smitten.  Rob walked over and saw me standing there staring and motionless.  All he said was "where would you put it?"  
Hmmmmmmmmmmm. . . . .I said as if I didn't know.
Right there in my dinning room.  The last thing I ever imagined was that this beautiful hutch would be sitting in my dinning room today.  I never imagined I would come home or find anything this lovely that we could get.  This piece comes from NSP FURNITURE  By Dick Cabott
email him at The Rusty Gate@comcast.net
What he does is he uses old windows, shutters, doors and puts them together with antique and recycled wood to create a piece that looks original and primitive.  
I think he is amazing.
So we had taken my husband's car and unfortunately the piece did not fit, but it would have fit in my car.  My husband actually drove back this afternoon just to pick it up.  4 hours in total going and coming twice.  (Remember my husbands daily commute is two hours each way into NYC, the last thing he ever wants to do is spend his weekend on the road, but he went back for me)
I found this concrete like milk bucket that is a planter.

I placed a few of my favorite dishes and baskets.

My pitcher collection and a lovely little wire basket I found today.
I placed my white linen napkins in it.

And the end result was just what I had hoped.  
Thanks to my husband who is so giving to me.  I truly don't deserve him.
But I'm so glad I married him . . .  and got this lovely hutch.  Hee Hee.
You can find Milkhouse Antiques on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MilkhouseAntiques also they are on my blog roll.  See Milkhouse market.
Check them out, simply amazing.


must love junk said...

What a fantastic piece! It looks gorgeous where you put it, and how you 'styled' it! (and your hubby is a keeper :)

Brenda said...

Perfect! I love all the goodies inside too! Your husband sounds like such a gem! I have one of those too; aren't we the lucky ones?

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