Let There Be White. . . Part deux The Bathroom

I promised more later, so here is the more now.  I posted yesterday my bedroom photos after the new color change, well the bathroom is connected to my bedroom and I decided to run the color through.  I always have had a white bathroom but the walls were always painted an accent color.  Here is the before and after.  Take a look.
Here is Before. . .
Here is after. . .   I almost want to sigh and say "Ahhhhhh."

 This sweet little marble table has been in my bathroom for years.  I just adore it.  My claw foot tub is an antique, 1912, and it has the date on the bottom, we got it from a second hand restoring company.  The sink console is from Pottery barn.

 When we moved in to this house, the master bathroom had only one small window and a large dressing table with mirror, really 1960's.  It was pretty hideous and a bit tacky.  But the little nook here was actually a closet that surprised us with these sweet shelves.  We decided to remove the door and and create this arch.  I love having it.
 We also found these 2nd hand french thin doors and had them stained to match the other doors in the house.
 I took this photo from the bedroom, and noticed it cast a shadow but I had already put my camera away so decided to post it anyway.
I am very pleased with the "simply white."  Thank you dear Trina.


Keeping It Cozy said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Isn't it amazing what white paint can do?! I love everything about it... the sink console, the french doors, and especially your antique claw foot tub!

Brenda said...

Oh, I am LOVING the white!

Windlost said...

Looks gorgeous. Wish my house had even remotely updated bathrooms! :)

Nella said...

I'm all for white also, Lee! Your bathroom looks very functional, but beautiful as well...love all the marble!
The niche shelves are a great feature! N.xo

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