Manic Slipcovering

I have been wanting to make a slipcover for a old wing chair I found.  I have been making changes around my home, some drastic and some not so drastic.  I have gone to the white side.  Painting walls white and tables white and chairs white and everything and anything I can find in white.  Trying to tone down things here and there and bringing in some baskets and vintage items to marry the old and new in a way that might look natural and simply elegant.

Here is a photo of a chair and table I painted.
 Black chair before, white chair after.

I freshend this table up with another coat of white.  

Now back to the slipcovering. . . I've said this before, I am not a seamstress, don't know how to sew.  I have watched my mom sew since I was a little girl but really have never been taught so frankly I have no idea what I'm doing when I do it.  
So I had seen this blog where these women show with smiling faces how in one minute they create this slipcover for their wing chair.  It looked easy, although no instructions were given just three or four photos.  
I am very impulsive at times.  (for things that don't matter like hair color or cutting, or painting a room nothing major in life)
So I found this humongous table cloth in white at Target for 19.00  that had texture and the thickness and the color I wanted.  
I used newspaper to make patterns as if it were a puzzle of all the parts of the chair and then I cut out the parts with the material.  Here are the photos.
The chair is an awful red but I got it for 24.00 dollars, and it was in great condition just ugly in fabric.  
I used pins to hold each piece together.
Then according to the instructions the women gave, they went over the pins with a needle and black thread as if your actually sewing the chair together on the chair without actually sewing into the chair (don't do that!)  Remember this is a slipcover so it should be able to slip off and on without coming apart.
*****Also very important, the slipcover will be reversed inside out so make sure the side that your sewing on the chair is the part that will go under.  Get it?

Now I was going strong thinking, cool this is a piece of cake.  NOT!!!!!!!!!!  Until I got to the arms.  Oh My Gosh, I still don't know how to do it.  But when in doubt, don't throw in the towel, just make it work.  This little slipcover gave me a headache, hours of sitting on the floor sewing and cutting and measuring and fixing.  
Warning. . . The photo you are about to see is not as it looks. It actually looks good in it but that's because the white thread is not visible on camera.  OMGOSH what a mess.  In the attempt to finish I broke the needle on the new sewing machine, sewed half the hem by hand, twisted fabric and just sewed it together without any clue.  Yikes!  Thankfully Martha Stewart is not a follower of my blog.  Hee Hee.
Ready. . . 

I find that the fabric wasn't as thick as I wanted it and you can see the color through the fabric. 

I actually took a close up so you can see what the heck I did.  I still have no clue but it will keep it together until I can find someone to make me a real one. 
There was literally a hole in the arm and I cut a round piece of fabric and put it over and sewed it on.  Kind of like spackling a wall hole.  Hope this makes you laugh, I did laugh after I cried and pulled my hair out a bit and tried to get the blood off the fabric from the many times I stabbed myself with the needle.  
If you are crazy enough to attempt this I urge you to have a shot of something, like tequilla perhaps before beginning.  It won't help it come out any better but if you have enough of them you won't care.    


must love junk said...

Wow, I'm impressed! Your chair turned out fab-especially for not knowing what you're doing! :)

Brenda said...

HA! That's ten times better than I could ever do. Good for you for trying something new. I like the tequila advice. I think I'll skip over the sewing and just go straight for the tequila!

Julie said...

Lisa, great job! I'm so impressed that you took on his project...slipcovering intimates me. As for the seat cushion and the red showing through, try either wrapping the cushion with some batting (it will help cover the red and make the cushion fuller) or slip the cushion in a white pillowcase first and then placing the cushion in the slipcover.

Julie said...

I meant to say that slipcovering intimidates me.

Nella said...

Ohhh Lee! You are brave! I would never attempt this! And honestly it isn't bad at all!! I think you did a great job! Yes, maybe you would have been happier if the fabric was a bit heavier...none the less, good job! N.xo

Sarah said...

Hilarious post, Lee. I do find it entertaining that we all seem to want white slipcovered furniture... even though amateurs sewing white slipcovers will likely result in a lot of blood spots... which is why the slipcovers have to be white, so we can bleach out those spots! It all works out in the end. I think you did a great job and it looks way better than it did before, that's for sure.


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