Our Vegetable Garden

Today was a perfect day for our project.  Rob and I made a new vegetable garden.  I say new because we had always had one before.  It was very large and Rob had made it years ago.  I grew tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peppers and once even a few stalks of corn.  My mom even grew okra one year. (I'm not a big fan of okra)  When we had the study built it was built over our vegetable garden so for the past two years we have been without one.  Last year I grew some tomatoes on my deck but it was never quite the same.  Although I did fry about 15 green ones overall.
We have quite an amount of deer lingering about our grounds so I can never just plant something anywhere.  I needed a well thought out plan that would be fenced in for protection.
Well, leave it to my handy dandy hubby, there really isn't much he can't do.
I had seen this photo somewhere online and wanted something like this. 
At first we decided on wooden picket fencing but understood that eventually the wood would need replacing down the line and we would intially have to paint it.  Then we saw some vinyl fencing that had small stakes at the ends so there wouldn't be a need for putting down any footings or pouring cement.  Remember this is a small area we were building.  5ft by 11 ft.  
 This was the designated area we selected to build our little garden.  It is facing the front of the house towards the road.  We needed to have it as close to the house as possible so that the deer would not be tempted to chomp away at my veggies.
Rob created this wooded frame that was 4ft by 8ft to hold the dirt inside.  He then used a pic axe to take out all the grass and level out the ground.  Unfortunately there was some rock below on one of the sides so it was as level as it could possibly be without making an afternoon project into a nightmare.

 I pulled out the rocks and chunks of grass and attempted to move the packed original soil around before throwing on the miracle grow soil above.
 We purchased 10 pieces of vinyl picket fencing and Rob carefully staked them into the ground and then screwed each pair together with a metal bracket so that each one would stay in place with the other.
 Now unfortuantely we needed two more picket fence pieces.  The hardware store was out of them so we used two lattice ones on the back end instead.
 I planted 3 types of Blueberry bushes and 1 raspberry.  I just adore berries.  My old neighbors who moved away a few years ago had an abundance of blueberry bushes and I went with a bowl every season to pick some.  (With their permission of course) I always knew when the bushes were ripe with berries because my front porch and railings suddenly had blue blotches brought by the birds.   I have a wonderful Blueberry crumble I love to make.  We use blueberries on everything, pancakes, french toast, desserts, ice cream.  Yum.
 Here are the Berry bushes already planted.
 Now in the other square I planted 3 types of tomatoes, one red pepper one green bell pepper, some sage (which I love on my butternut squash ravioli) and what would a house be without fresh basil?
As I watered them I could smell the basil in the air.  My trick tip is I also pour some brewed coffee grounds into the soil and mix it in for added nutrients.

And there it is.  After 4 hours and some sweat and thankfully no tears, my hubby (who really did most of the manly work, and is the best husband ever) and I completed our vegetable garden.  
So excited.


Brenda said...

Oh, that is a beautiful little garden! Mmmmm, basil and tomatoes, I can't wait for fresh basil and tomatoes! Those are what will be planted in my garden.

Leslie said...

Hi Lee,

This is a lovely garden and the picket fence is just perfect ~ aesthetically and it will also help with those hungry little critters that would like to sample your goods. It's still too cold here in the pacific northwest to do much planting but we will get there!

Have a nice weekend!


Tracy B. said...

What a pretty garden. And I love the stonework on the exterior of your house, behind it. Tell me, are the deer where you are deterred by a fence of this height? Deer where I am (NY state) could almost step over this-- deer fence has to be at least 8 feet around here. I've seen them clear 6 feet chain link from a standstill with just a single step before the leap! Is it the proximity to your house that deters them? (I recommend the Jack Russel patrol, myself!)

Lee said...

Hi Tracy,
We think it is a good spot because of the proximity to the front porch. At night our porch is lit and above the garden is a spot with a sensor, now we hope the fence will be enough and there is a stretch from where the plants are to the actual fence too but one will never know until. . . I'm keeping my fingers crossed. In the past they have never eaten from my rose garden which is on the other side of my porch also near the lights so we hope it will be the same for the veggie garden.

Windlost said...

Gorgeous Lisa. You will enjoy this!
Love the shots of you and your handy hubby. xo Terri

andy said...

Love the fence around the garden ! I'm a new reader from N. C look foward to your great blog ! Have a wonderful day

Heather Cameron said...

Wow, very lovely. Now I want a cute white fence around my garden! Net those blueberries Lisa!

chateau chic said...

Your vegetable garden looks great!! Hopefully the deer will be deterred so you will have an abundance of wonderful produce.
Mary Alice

rustichoney.com said...

Lee, your garden is so cute! I can't wait to get started on ours! The weather here in Missouri has not been the best...still chances of snow this week! This post reminds me it is almost time! Have fun! :)

Cristen Eacret said...

Your vegetable garden looks great with that white picket fence!
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->Cristen Eacret

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