A Day In The Country

This lovely lady is the author of the fabulous blog, "A Day In The Country."  It is one of my favorite blogs to read.  Heather Cameron is from Vancouver and is a magazine stylist, story producer and owner of her own organic farm.  She has a jam line which I'm dying to taste and am going to order and the author of a Farm to Table Cookbook.
These are some of her images on her poetic and absolutely stunning blog.  I highly recommend if you haven't visited, please do.  It is on my blog roll.
Her blog is a daily glimpse at her peaceful life on the farm called
Missing Goat Farm.www.missinggoat.com
A normal post can be anywhere from building a chicken coop to reupholstering, creating a vegetable garden or a simple life experience and recipes, plenty of delicious recipes.  Heather takes us on a tour of her life, from walking on her farm with her animals, taking care of baby chicks and watching her daugther Lilly play with a donkey.  It is utterly inspiring.
It truly is "A Day In The Country" when you visit her blog.  My only regret is that I live 2,969 miles away.
Here are some of her gorgeous images she posts on a daily basis.

 There is no denying that her daughter is definitely the star of the blog and of her life.

And so are her jam and blueberries.  
Heather writes beautifully about her daily projects and responsibilities as an author, wife, mother and farm owner.  She teaches, demonstrates, laughs at herself and is constantly seeing goats, hence the name of her farm "missing goat".  All I can say is I don't know why she doesn't have a weekly show where she can do all of this on camera.  The photography on the blog is incredible and artistic and every post is more stunning than the last.  
I'm very excited because I ordered her newest cookbook today.
If the recipes are as delicious as the ones I have tried on her blog then I'm in for a treat.  And who can resist this cover photo.  
I believe what we see, what we take in, when filled with beauty, will nourish the soul.  Life as I always say is fleeting and each day should be filled with things that nourish, teach and comfort us making us always stronger and more positive to others.  I believe this blog does that for me, and I'm sure for you as well.
Well please take a trip down to Missing Goat Farm through "A Day In The Country." It will be a pleasant and delightful journey.  I promise.
Simply Delightful


Nella said...

Hi Lee, thank you for sharing this! A fellow Canadian I am going to see right now ! Looks like a beautiful blog and life and philosophy....N.xo

C . N E X X said...

Really nice pic and blog too :)
I following you now and I hope you can follow me back.:D


Brenda said...

She lives an idyllic life!

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