This Old House. . . Still Beautiful. . . So Many Possibilities

Walking distance from my house is this beautiful house.  I have loved it for years as I watched it slowly decay each passing day. Where I live there are no sidewalks so a quick walk by the side of the road and I can see the house.  To me, it is lovely.   I sadly have never seen anyone in it, or around it and today I decided to finally after so many years, photograph it.  

 I love how much character this house has, from the front porch with it's small wooden stairs to all of the windows.  From the front of the house you can see in through to the back and each window is parallel to another on the back side so that the sun reflects through it.
 I stepped out of my car and approached the house taking as many photos as I could without having anyone notice me.  It made me think of what I could do if I had the opportunity to renovate this home, or how someone like Mike and Trina from A Country Farmhouse (www.acountryfarmhouse.blogspot.com )  could do with a house like this.  I could just see it painted completely in the Benjamin Moore "Simply White".  Rob and I always comment on how it has been abandoned and I always joke and say "Honey, we should buy it and fix it up.  Can you imagine how lovely we could make it?"  Then he usually looks at me and shakes his head thinking of course "your nuts!"
If I could, I would.  It is so so charming.  I truly am in love with it.

 I like to imagine the family that lived here, the couple starting out.  The children that possibly ran up it's now moldy mossy brittle stairs.
Was there ever a porch swing?  That would be imperative and a staple in my home as it is now.
 Was there are garden?  Did they plant tomatoes and basil and herbs?  And how about roses?  I'm sure they had, lots of them.  And they could smell them from the porch.  And on summer evenings, when they opened the windows for some air, they could smell them as they lay in bed.  Perhaps even some lilacs?  The window on the right is reflecting the sun from the window across to the back of the house.  It almost makes it look magical.
 Is it silly that I whispered "your beautiful" as I took it's photograph?  Is it weird that I wanted it to know that although no one was there to inhabit it, I wanted it to know that I loved it? That if it were mine, I would cherish it?  Well I did.
You can see the window at the back of the house.  It must have large rooms and although I don't know the square footage one can determine that there is quite a distance from one window in the front to the one in the back.    
What really makes me sad is to see the curtains that were left behind. A lovely green country print on one and lace panels on a few of the others.  Strangely, I feel like I would have picked the same ones.
 I drive by this house every single day and pass by it a few times each day depending on how many times I go outside.  Often on cold windy days a piece of one of the curtains will blow in the wind out the left side bottom window.  The top of the glass pane is broken and has been for years.
As I was taking photos today I was tempted to lean in towards it and look inside, but I didn't.  Call me silly but I wanted to respect the memory of the family who lived in it.  I didn't want to stare in and peek inside.  I think all things especially a house, has a sort of spirit for lack of a better term.

 As I walked around the other side I could imagine the sounds that once echoed through the walls of this great home.  Did they play music inside or was there ever a piano that someone might have practiced their scales?  Or maybe the couple danced in their empty living room as he hummed in her ear.  Maybe the sound of a newborn baby during the night, laugher in the yard as they built the new porch and felt overwhelmed with the project, or perhaps crying during a painful time.
 I love the screen door most of all.  How many times did it slam or creak during the day?  Standing in front of the porch (which I didn't go on or step on the stairs or any part of the house) I thought about the rockers I so love on my deep porch.  Did she have any?  Did she sit on a summer night to watch her husband finish painting as they commented on the amount of fireflies circling around.  Did she rock her baby to sleep when the evening temperature became to humid to sleep.

 And then stepping back I thought about the first time they walked out of their car and looked at their new home.  I smiled as I envisioned it covered in white lights for Christmas.  Did she drape fresh greens along the rails of the porch and hang a natural wreath at the door?  And of course I immediately wondered where they put the Christmas Tree.  Could you see it from the window?  From the road?
As I got in my car and backed up out unto the old gravel and grassy trail where there once was a driveway, I felt as if, somehow, I had been welcome.  That the photos I took were a gift of somekind and that I would write something to truly honor the home's memory.  
Every day I pray that someone claims the home, that I see a truck in it's driveway with carpenters sanding the wooden porch and rebuilding the stairs.  That I can one day see painters restoring the white that was once bright and immaculate.  And that someday soon, I might see Christmas lights and fresh greens adorning the home as a family celebrates inside and maybe, just maybe I can greet them on the day they move in with a basket of freshly baked cookies and a note to say "Welcome to your new home."


must love junk said...

Wow! I can tell what a beauty she once was!! It's so sad that she's fallen into such disrepair. Hopefully someone will give her some love (maybe you ;)

Brenda said...

Your story and the house brought tears to my eyes. It is a lovely old place and needs TLC.

Heather said...

Talk about good bones! She's a beauty indeed!

Two Happy Parents said...

Very beautiful old house...Love those transom lights above the doors. xoTrina

Keeping It Cozy said...

It is absolutely beautiful. For as long as I can remember, I've been in love with old houses... it didn't matter what state they were in, all I could see was their potential. Living in an old farmhouse now, I recognize how much work is involved but the appeal is still there. There is an abandoned house across the road from us... I often look over there and wonder about its past.

Megan @ Farmhouse5540.blogspot.com said...

So glad that you found my blog and so glad that it lead me to yours. I love what you have done to your home. That abandoned house is absolutely amazing. I would love to tackle that one!I just can't stand to see neglected farmhouses, hence why we ended up buying one ourselves. I would love to be able to buy and restore more than just one! I look forward to comparing notes:)

Rebekah of Schenewark Farm said...

wow that is a beautiful house. The #1 drawback to me though would be its proximity to its neighbors. Doesn't look like it has much of a yard or privacy.

Lee said...

The back is pretty deep actually. Although it's close on either side it has a nice back yard. But it is close to the road. There are no sidewalks because most of the homes are old farmhouses around us. But it still doesn't diminish it's beauty and warmth.

Nella said...

Paying such beautiful and very special homage to this house Lisa, would make it's past owners proud.....I feel the same about houses...they inhabit a spirit of their own..you have obviously felt that spirit, beautiful post....N.xo

Diane said...

I am one of your readers who lives in your neck of the woods. Found you via Cote de Texas. I too often drive by this house and wonder why oh why is it abandoned. I also wonder even though only one door has an address if it is a multi family house with the 3 doors in front. Loved reading your beautiful words about the house.

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