A Passion For Peonies

So remember all the Peonies I wrote about in my garden?  Well most of them have bloomed.  But as nature decides what to do when she wants to, my peonies are struggling to keep their petals.
We have had a few frigid days, mornings in the high 40's, and too much rain.  Today it has been non stop and although tomorrow brings a heat wave for the next 5 days, high 80's and low 90's with sun, it is unfortunately too late for the ones that have bloomed.  Today's rain is pulling them apart.
I almost cried this morning as I walked into my perenial garden in my raincoat and hood with scissor in hand to salvage whatever I could.  Normally I would never do cuttings this early.  I like to wait at least until the second week but the rain will abuse them today.  Even when I cut for arrangements inside I try to take the ones that are a little less attractive to leave the most beautiful ones outside. But today I had to cut as much as I could.  Take a look.  I filled my kitchen pitcher and two large mason jars.

 If you look closely at the white peony above, you can still see the fresh water droplets.  They were filled with water and I tried ever so gently to shake them, but for some, sadly it was too late and they lost all their petals.

 There is my mason jar with a few that had snapped short on the plant.  Stems weren't long enough for my pitcher.
"A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever. . . "
I can look at them and smell them forever.


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your flowers are so pretty - the weather this year has been crazy - back and fourth here in Michigan too!

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Oh my goodness they are so beautiful. Could there possibly be a more beautiful flower? I'd love to see your peony gardens! Hop you're having a good week. ~ Dori ~

Brenda said...

Peonies bring many fond memories. Growing up, our neighbor lady had some peony bushes, and I always thought they were so beautiful. They reminded me of pink ballerina skirts. Love them.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers.

Anonymous said...

If given a chance to design my house, it would be in bungalow style with a very wide backyard surrounded by trees, flowers and vegetables. One of the flowers I planned to cultivate is the family of peonies. I hope and I wish to grow peonies like the ones in your photos.

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Sue said...

Love, love, love peonies and I can't grow them in Texas:-(
The scent brings back vivid memories of my grandmas and of the years I had them in my homes in Kansas. I have planted some in our cabin in WI and am hoping for some blooms next year.
Thanks for sharing!

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