A Sea of Peonies

Aside from Lilacs and Roses, I adore Peonies.  All of the varieties. I feel addicted to them.  I love their smell and actually do cut them for my vases inside.  
Okay so for those of you who are not garden lovers or peony lovers you might want to click off now.  But I hope you dont.

 These peonies remind me of me when I was 2 weeks late with my boys.  They are about to pop!
 I have to be honest, I've never ever had this many in my life.  Two years ago we transplanted all the peonies that used to be in the front.  I had about 12.  Now this is what I have in my perenial garden.
 I tried to count them but it was too much.  There has to be hundreds of them.  I have many varieties and many colors.  They are so incredibly beautiful that I feel giddy just posting about them.

 Here's one peeking out through my fence.
 I like how the crimson color looks against my white bearded Irises.

 I don't own enough green wire holders to ever assist all of these little heads.

 As I was photographing them I almost felt as if they were giggling at me all huddled around smiling.

 They are not even open yet and to me they look beautiful already.

 We have a glimpse of two right here.  (above)
 Had to show you my wisteria in the background along my fence.  It too is about to burst.
 This variety is snowy white, that's not the name it's the color.  I don't remember all their names. I had kept them written down and lost one of my garden notebooks when we had a flood in our basement.  So I have no record of what I had purchased years ago.
 She loves them too!  I'm naming her Katerina (I love Vampire Diaries)
 A few more shots I promise.

Well stay tuned for my photos of these ladies in full bloom.  Enjoy!


Brenda said...

I love peonies also. I can't wait to see photos of your peonies all in bloom. You have an amazing green thumb!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your yard is wonderful! I love peonies too! you have so many of my favorites!

Joanne Bischof said...

I've never grown peonies but I've always wanted to. They seem like such a happy flower :)

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Oh my word!! Your peonies are amazing! They are one of the many flowers that did not grow out West that do grow here so I'm super excited to plant some next year. It will sure be fun to be in the landscape stage! How is your garden doing?

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