Lilacs, Irises & A Garden To Tend. . .

I have been counting the days until I saw the first bloom.  At first it was my trees.  My two Magnolias, and now my Lilacs.  I adore Lilacs and can never have enough of them.  A week ago I bought 3 more. I planted one and had two more planted for me.  I am hoping that a year or two down the line by this time I will be surrounded by lilacs.  But for now my trees, which are 11 in total, only produce just a few.  But those few are so precious to me.   Lately, along with the tremendous winds we have been having, comes the heavenly smell.  I opened my window last night and the smell literally lifted me from my bed.  I can smell them from my deck and when I'm walking my dogs and when I'm sitting on my porch. (Which hasn't been much lately because of these crazy winds.  Today is no exception)
Here are a few photos of what is in bloom.

 The three new trees were planted along side one I had for a few years already.  They are behind the little myrtle you see in front, behind our barn.
 The white Lilacs are I think my favorites even though I think they all are equally cherished. (But I won't let the other ones know.
 I wish you could smell this little group by my fence.

 Here is my pretty lady who always amazes me how her arms have never gotten too tired from holding that heavy jug all these years.

 The clematis behind are stunning.  And my peonies are peeking there little heads at her anxious to bloom and show their glorious faces.  Oh Peonies, those are my favorite too.
 Here are my lovely bearded Irises.  I have in so many colors.

 Someday perhaps they will be filled with blooms.  I refuse to cut any from any of my trees.  I actually purchased the last cuttings I had from my local market.  I think even when my trees are filled I still won't cut any.  I just love them too much.


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

So pretty. Lilacs are one of my favorites too! Looking at your beautiful photo's reminds me of what will be here soon - hopefully :) We do finally have some trees in bloom - had frost last night. Your yard looks so peaceful.

Brenda said...

Lilacs are one of my favorites too! Growing up in Missouri, we had several lilac bushes around our yard; the scent of lilacs in the spring is heavenly. Sadly, I don't have any lilacs in my yard now.

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