Raspberry Almond Dream

So the minute Heather Cameron's cookbook"Farm Fresh Recipes" arrived at my doorstep, I was smitten.  Just had to make one of her recipes immediately.
Her Bird's Nest Cookie looked so amazing I had to try it.  The blend of Raspberry jam and almond in the dough is wonderful.  I think I ate 5 within a 24 hour period.  The dough is rolled to the size of a golf ball and then a well is made to hold the jam.  Now I ordered Heather's jam from the Missing Goat Farm.  I can't wait to get it.  I used Smuckers Raspberry jam but I can only imagine what it must taste like with her own Raspberry jam.
I wish I could share this fabulous recipe but I unfortunately can't.  But if you would like it I suggest you order the book.  It is filled with wonderful recipes.
From an amazing looking Risotto  (I'm trying it this week, I simply love making risotto and eating it even more) to baked french toast, 
to incredible cookies and soups.  I want to try her tomato soup and her broccoli soup.  They look wonderful.  
Aside from the variety of delightful recipes, the photography and writing is both beautiful and entertaining.  I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to heather on the phone when I ordered her jams.  She is just like her blog, sweet, funny, charming and simply lovely.  
I hope you can order her lovely cookbook.  


Sarah said...

Sooo hungry after reading this post! I love Heather as well - she is such an inspiration. Looks like you have a lot of delicious-ness ahead of you. :)

Windlost said...

I would have eaten more than five. Hence the reason I don't bake much! David would love these.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog always. I have not felt much like reading or writing posts lately, but please know yours are always so appreciated and favorite comments as I know you have such a loving heart! :)

xo Terri

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