Sweet Find

So I had been admiring these little metal bistro garden chairs that I was seeing everywhere.  I mostly loved the light green or white ones.  I wanted it for inside my home.  You know that different textures in your home give it character.  I love having wicker and wood, slipcovered, velvet, and now metal contrasting all with each other.
Well I found this sweet little chair in www.shopterrain.com  I bought it in white and love how it looks.
 It's a lovely off white milky color that goes well with everything in the room.
 I love the details.  Love the simple curves of the metal.
I found this lovely french styled market basket/bag and I'm ready to go anytime to shop my favorite flea markets and tag sales.  I must admit I just like it on the chair.
As soon as I got the chair I looked at my outdoor little bistro set and thought "hmmmm, what was I thinking getting a black set for my patio when everything I own for my outdoors is white?"
There it is in the corner right of the fireplace.  It is so pretty but I regret getting it in black.  It doesn't go with anything else.  So presto chango!  With a few cans of Krylon Indoor/outdoor Gloss in White I can have a new bistro table and chairs.

It took about 3 coats but I'm so happy with the end results.  I did it on a windy day and it helped with the fumes but I have a few strands of hair that are painted white thanks to the spray blowing back in my face.  Oh well.  Such is the life of an impulsive spray painter.


Leslie said...

Your outdoor seating area is gorgeous and I love your bistro chairs. I'm looking for some to use during the summer:)


Lee said...

Try that company Terrain they have lovely things.

Rhonda K said...

Your outdoor space looks so inviting. Beautiful job.

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