Things I Do With Baskets

I love baskets, always have but lately even more so since the stores have so many to choose from.  Even Target has had lovely baskets to choose from.  Most of my baskets are from flea markets or little antique shops but I did get some lovely ones at Pottery Barn too.
 I enjoy using my baskets, I mean why have them if your not really going to use them.  I have wire ones and wicker ones and each one has a purpose.  Lately I have been putting my plates in them.  I love the look and it serves a practical use.  See the long one on top of my hutch? (below)  Whenever I have company I pull that down and load it with dishes or serving items, even food on platters and it makes a good presentation.  You can also use it to carry your grilling items when your walking out to set them by your grill.  It is a huge time saver.
 This is my kitchen hutch.  I love the little wire basket below that looks vintage, it's not, it's Pier 1.  Cool right?  It even comes with the little cream natural cover inside.  $19.00.
 I think I might get another one.  They are really pretty.
 I had this one (above) for a long time.  It almost reminds me of a vintage purse.   Since I've been showcasing more white dishes now in my kitchen I hide the colorful ones in my baskets.  They are still nearby to use every day but not overpowering with color displayed on the shelf.
 This above basket was painted a milky blue.  I placed it with some of my favorite antique dishes in my small white cabinet.
These dishes (above) were my first purchase when I moved into our home.  They were purchased in one of my favorite antique shops.  The vendor told me they were bought by her mother when the supermarkets used to have a one dish giveaway in the late 40's early 50's.  Love that she went once a week to get another.  I bought the entire set from her.
 I think I love this idea the most.  I copied it from Mary Carol Garrity (see her blog on my blog roll, Nell Hill) when I went to her home.  On her server she had a great basket like this one with her tea cups and sugar and creamer so that at a moments notice one can scoop it up and set it down with some fresh tea or coffee when your unexpected company arrives.  Isn't it sweet? This set I inherited from my husbands grandmother who passed away. They are the Philadelphia edition and I thought it was ironic that I lived in Pennsylvania and she left these for me way before we decided to move here.
 Here I have some little serving platters and small dishes good for hordevours or desserts.
 I think this is my favorite basket and use.  I have collected over the years lovely crocheted tablecloths in white. I love them and feel like I can never have too many.  If I go somewhere and see one I simply have to have it.  (If it's not too pricey.) Like the one on the top here was the most recent.  $28.00  Isn't that crazy?  To me anything crocheted is priceless because I know how much work goes into doing that.  I crocheted scarves and that's it.
I also love to put books in them.  Great for a room saver and to hold your most precious books.
I also love baskets on top of armoires.  So pretty and bring height to a room even if you don't have it.  I also put throws in them so that on a chilly afternoon, you can just reach down near a chair or a couch and grab your favorite throw and settle in with your favorite book.
Hope you enjoy finding great and unique uses for your baskets too.


Leslie said...

Your baskets are so much fun and not only organize but add warmth to wherever they are placed. I use them in my pantry and to store linens. The wire basket from pier 1 was a great deal!

Rhonda K said...

Love this post! Seems I always pick up baskets and then never put them to use. I also have the same dishes you do that my mom purchased from the grocery store! Absolutely love them.

must love junk said...

A girl after my own heart! I can hardly resist a basket-ha! You have a great collection :)

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