Garden in Autopilot. . .

Every year I fret and wait and watch for May to come and my garden to wake.  It comes and for the end of May and first couple of weeks in June it is perfection.  I am always astonished at how everything is on a clock and how nature works.  But then we get into what I like to call auto pilot time.  It is the time when your garden is no longer in need of you and it does whatever it pleases whether you like it or not.  At least that is the way it is on our land, in our home.
Once July is here then the beetles call the shots but for the past week or so with the heat creeping in, all I can do is sigh and think, here we go. . .
Take a look at what I mean.
I know I showed you this a few posts ago but wanted to show you how the clematis is incredible.  All the babies are gone now in all three of my bird houses.  For two weeks it was chirping mania and I felt like a Nic U nurse in my back yard.
As for my lovely little vegetable garden, well the blueberries are don't wonderfully.  I just ate the first one the other day.  So plump and juicy.  (Thanks for the tips Heather, although they will never be as lovely as yours on your lovely farm. . . see her blog "A day in the country.")

 Here are a few.

My raspberries died.  I don't know why.  Perhaps too much sun?  Not sure.  Someone told me not to remove the dead plant that it will come back.  If anyone knows let me know what to do.
I already fried my first three green tomatoes.  Delicious.
My poor roses. . . They are exhausted from giving us a show or a billion blooms.
 As you can see they are done for at least enough time to re bud.  I hate that period. It's so blah.

Now at the front of my porch my roses are slowing down.  The heat, the energy from having all the blooms is in need of rest and rebooting time.  Over the weekend I had to cut down my most precious Constance Spry.  That isn't her on the trellis.  Those are two other climbing roses I had planted so that I can have blooms all the times since Constance Spry (David Austin rose) is not a repeat bloomer.  I hate that it's not, but her beauty has always intoxicated me.  My friend in a garden company told me that Constance was sick.  She has only bloomed maybe 12 blooms over the past 4 years.  He said I needed to take her out.  Well I cut her down to about a foot, poured seven in the hole hoping that whatever it is she has will go away.  I need to seek help from the professionals - have to take time to read through my rose books and see, but for now she is laying low, really low.  My heart broke when I did it.  But I'm hoping that the "New Dawn I have going up the trellis and the other climbing white rose which I don't recall which one I planted, will fill the hole and need.
Now if I were to choose one plant to represent our home it would have to be the Hydrangea.
I must have at least 40 different plants or more and they are truly a blessing.  If you are ever looking for something to bring your home charm, looks beautiful 24/7 and be low maintenance, The Hydrangea is your perfect choice.
I am a gardener, and have always been, I am not afraid of any plant but I must say as I grow older, I am not looking forward to weeding or digging so much anymore.
Although my Hydrangeas have been planted for years and aside from a few clips here and there they don't require much pampering, unlike my love/hate relationship with my roses, they also fill a need for beauty.  There are moments in the summer and fall when every sing gloom of hydranea is upright and I look around my home and am speechless.  One time this woman that I know called me and said "listen we have a wedding and there was a problem with the flowers can I bring a group of people over to cut your hydrangeas and use them for the wedding? Well I almost screamed into the phone.  But I kept my cool and said. . . simply. . . calmly. . . NO WAY!
I don't even think I would do that for my son's wedding. Okay so maybe I would but I thought that was alot to ask of someone.  My hydrangeas a precious to me and I only cut them in the fall when I know they have done their job and our ready to grace the inside as they have done for months along the outside.  

 They are just starting to bloom and open here and there.  I'm so excited.
They wrap around my entire deck and my entire porch.  These have not begun to bloom yet.  

My limelight ones have not begun to bloom yet.  But you can see how big the bushes have grown on both sides of the adirondack chairs.  The one on the right is under a tree and does not bloom as much.  Pity.

These just opened this week.

As for my perenial garden, well all the peonies are long gone and now it looks like a dessert in there due to the position under the sun.  There are conflowers opening, day lillies, Irises, and a variety of perenials aside from two huge hydrangeas that I planted just as a filler and now they are monsters.

My yarrow has flattened due to a family of bunnies that have decided to use my perenial garden as a B&B.  (I dont mind, I love bunnies)

My poor lady can hardly be seen.  I have daisies and coneflowers, black eyed susans all suffocating her.  

 There is a shot of the clematis and the nikko blue hydrangea inside.  The peonies are bare now but there leaves are pretty.
 This is part of the front as my walk way wraps around heading to our porch.  The snowballs are in full bloom.  The bleeding hearts have become pale and the rhododendrums are bare as well.  But the greens look full and make everything look lush.
You see this is why I always say that when I can, I will lock up the house at the end of June and head to the beach until September.  The garden no longer needs me, it's in control.  Life is like a garden I guess.  Although I try to diagram how I want it to look and plan blooming times with different varieties so that all blooms in perfect sync and each has it's own time to shine, it never truly works out that way and you end up saying, okay, well I give in,  lets see where it takes us.


Ramon Valdez said...

Oh my gosh Lisa, that is one gorgeous garden, you truly blessed to walk thru and look at ALL that beauty every day!!..... And your garden lady looks extremely happy I must say.

Keeping It Cozy said...

Oh my goodness, Lisa, your garden is so inspirational. I had to look through your post a few times... it's like a dream! If I even had a fraction of your garden I would be so happy! It is stunning. Now I need you to fly here and help me design mine and share all your tips! ;-) Have a wonderful day!

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