My Spoiled Birds

 These are the three homes available to the surrounding birds.  Not too shabby huh?
I like to plant Clematis to grow around them.  The birds seem to love it.
Can you see how jammed packed they are with twigs?  Although there is a nest, I haven't heard the babies in the above house, only in the one below.

 Yes, there is a bird house beneath the purple Clematis.  And there are babies in it.  They have been chirping for two days as the momma flies back and forth to bring in some worms.

Can you peak inside?  It was hard for me to focus on the inside but it is packed with it's nest.

 There are babies in this one too but no clematis.  This one is inside my perenial garden.
We call this one the 5 star hotel.  Can you see the little twigs coming out?  These holes are so tiny too.  It's amazing to watch these tiny birds flying in and out.  I love watching them.  Hope you have a little haven for your birds.


Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

OH MY WORD!!! I love the clematis growing around your bird cages... when we finally get to the landscaping part of our house I hope you'll remind me of this because I love it. So gorgeous! And I bet the birds love the privacy it creates. ~ Dori ~ (IKEA tomorrow!)

Julie said...

Lee, I love your birdhouses! Did you buy them from a particular company? Julie

Julie said...

Lee, I love your birdhouses! Did you buy them from a particular company? Julie

Jaybird said...

We do have bird houses....and birds...but ours are nowhere near as lovely as yours!!! We have a Jenny Wren living on our back porch (most used entry of course). She gives us all sorts of fits when we come and go. She is a real cutie.
We also have a resident Road Runner...they are supposed to be country birds, but he moved into our back lot....in the middle of town (we have two acres), and seems to be a happy camper. I called the extension agent, and they said to leave meat scraps on a handy rock, and he would probably move in for life :^) Yep, I am.....spoiled birds!!!
Blessings and have a great weekend...I love your blog!

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