Roses are red. . . and other colors too.

Okay, I know I just finished blogging about my Peonies and now I'm gonna blog about my Roses, but I just have to.  I won't say a word, just take a look.

 (Okay so I have to say a few words) This is a combination of New Dawn and Iceberg  They smell heavenly.  The morning that they opened I was consumed with emotion and couldn't speak for a few moments as I looked at each precious bloom.

 Peek a boo!  Even over my dividing wall.
 This is my front porch rose garden.

 My favorite of all, my sweet David Austin Constance Spry. (Above)  She has gone through so much in the past years.  I am just thankful that she is still with me and has the energy to bloom at least a few.  See above.


Megan @ Farmhouse5540.blogspot.com said...

So beautiful!

Windlost said...

Stunning!!!!! Your yard is gorgeous. Happy summer. Xo

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