Welcome Summer

Here is wishing you a Wonderful Summer filled with . . .
warm days, and starry skies, plenty of watermelon and many dinners outdoors, sleeping with the windows open, walking barefoot as much as possible, drinking lemonaide and flavored iced teas, and grilling every single meal, sand filled toes and long walks on the beach, tanning with proper sun protection (nothing under 35spf) listening to the crickets and cacadas, endless time on the front porch,
buying another white adirondack chair, finding as many blueberry recipes possible, taking it slow,
less tv and being indoors, hammock time, time for badmitton, doing absolutely nothing, reading a great book, coffee of course, playing a board game outside, picking berries, wearing a great straw hat, swinging on a porch swing, hosting bbq's for friends, and watching the fireflies light up.  (But if you catch one, don't forget to set it free.
Happy Summer


Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Hi Lisa! How do I catch fireflies in a jar? I've been wanting to do that.... can't figure out how I would catch them tho. They are still such a novelty to me; we don't have them out West. I've been meaning to write to you about our IKEA trip - it was a whirlwind for sure! I did look at everything that I was interested in (furniture, pillows, etc...) but only bought the butcher block. Someday we will go again..... IF I can talk my husband into facing the Atlanta traffic again, that is! :-) ~ Dori ~

Blondie's Journal said...

This totally summed up my ideas for summer adventures!! Beautiful post!!


Brenda said...

What beautiful summertime images! You nailed it, Lisa.

Ramon Valdez said...

Hi Lisa, me like your self can't wait for all summer activities to begin, oh by the way I now have MY OWN BLOG!!!!!! ;)

Rick said...

I miss the fire flies I grew up seeing in Arkansas. No such critters here in southeast TX.
You have a beautiful yard and garden. Thanks for sharing.

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