Okay So I saw this photo on pinterest.  The name said it was from coragupana. (tumbler) I don't really understand pinterest aside from saying I like this and I'm gonna pin it but I didn't want to post a photo that wasn't mine without saying from where it came.  I have no idea what tumbler is but I figure its another way of expressing ourselves out into the vast universe.  
Anyway, this photo reminded me of me and my bed and the constant searching for anything crocheted for my bed or table.  Preferably in white.  So I was inspired by this simple photo to change my room a bit.  Now I had ordered two trunks from Pottery barn before I left for the beach.  To my surprise they were waiting for me at home.  
Let me show you what my bedroom looked like before today.
This was an old popcorn crocheted bedspread I've had for a couple of years now.  The only thing that bothered me about it is that I wanted a white one and this one is more cream in color.  It looks white from far but when paired with my white sheets from Target (Shabby Chic) you can see the difference.  
I love the Rachel Ashwel sheets for Target but I do have to say they get really wrinkled and I only iron them if company is coming.  It's a bit crazy for me to iron sheets so if I have company I just iron the pillow cases.  
Okay so here is what I did today.
 Here is the trunk I got from PB.  God how much do I love PB.  I was able to put my sheets and pillows and still have room for my popcorn bedspread I just washed.  Now on the bed now is an actual white crocheted tablecloth that I thought I should drape 3/4 down from the bed.  I wanted to bring out the white.
I'm gonna sleep on it and see if I like the placement of things. It takes a while to get used to.  For instance I'm gonna have to sleep against the wall now and slide down the bed to get up in the night.  
So tonight will determine alot.  I have the chaise that I love but it's old and I just reupholstered it (don't get excited, it's a lousy job that's why the thin blanket is covering most of it.  It is horrible and to top it off, the second day after I did it in white the sweet doggy who is laying on it had an accident and stained it and as much as I have oxy cleaned it turned most of it yellow so needless to say I'm gonna have to do the cusion part again.  I don't want to get rid of the chaise to have more room because my dogs love to sleep on it.  Then the settee that I had covered which I love, takes up a big chunk of the room.
One of my end tables now has no room in my room, and the other (marble one) is against the wall.
The one thing that I like is that the room appears bigger and I have more space and the bed appears smaller.  I hated to come into my bedroom and feel like the bed has swallowed up my room.
Here is the wicker trunk I purchased from PB.  I removed my glass Ethan Allen table and stored it until I change my mind and want it back in the room.  I love this trunk and like that I can put my throws inside and store pillows and place magazines on top of it.  And the color links the rug with something else in the room.  
What do you think?


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your room looks really pretty. Hope you had a goodnight sleep with the new direction. It can feel strange - then sometimes the new arrangement feels so peaceful and airy, and other times just not right. Have you heard that your headboard shouldn't face North?

Ramon Valdez said...

You always surprise me with your chiose of things nd placement of them, I must s I love ALL th white agains the dark hardwoods!!!! Always love your style. Rowhouseblogg.blogspot

Brenda said...

I have painted paneling in our last two houses. It brightens up the place; I always choose to paint wood paneling on the walls.

dihi said...

Why don't you try angling the bed into the corner so it doesn't take up so much room but you don't have to crawl out the end. You could also e the trunk in front of the little divan.

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