Limelight Hydrangeas

Look what just began to bloom!

I always thought that Limelight Hydrangeas would make the perfect wedding centerpiece for a summer outdoor wedding.
Our heat has been tremendous.  I am just so happy that these lovely flowers aren't showing signs of fatigue from the heat.  96 today with a heat index of 102.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I also like the white picket fences you have in the USA. BTW - It's in the 90s here in France so not much outdoor work going on today. Stay cool ;)

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Very beautiful. Hydrangeas are just one of the best! It's been super hot here too. Today's morning run was much more pleasant - rain and high winds last night helped cool things just a bit. Happy weekend!

Windlost said...


We don't get that kind of heat here. Our summers are like mid80's and wonderful! At least we get good summers. I'd rather have your winters. haha.

xo Terri

Stacy said...

Lee, I love your hydrangeas! They are perfect along the white fence. I am into English roses as of now but I have my eye on hydrangeas too. Your blog is a beauty. New follower.

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