This Old Chair

When I first moved into our first home I had a tiny resemblance of a porch.  I loved it so and wanted to put white wicker furniture but the truth was I barely could fit a few chairs.  This was the chair.  I have had this chair for so many years.  Back then wicker wasn't indoor/outdoor.  It got a little damaged by the weather and therefore needed a few coats of paint over the years.  
When we moved to our home now I took it with me and then when we bought our beach home I knew it would find a place there.  (I don't remember but I probably painted it again)
Anyway, this weekend when I was at the beach, I looked at my little chair and decided it needed a new home, again.
So I brought it home with me.  I didn't paint it again just hosed it down since it had been sitting on my little deck outside.  
Since I am redecorating my room I thought it would find a home there, in my bedroom.

I quickly decided to make a few pillows for it.  Believe it or not the fabric you see on the pillows is inside out.  The other side is a bright yellow with blue flowers.  I had this fabric forever and when I looked at the other side I fell in love.  So I put the sewing machine on and did them both in a few minutes.  
Then I found this lovely crocheted throw in Home Goods of all places.  It is my favorite of all my throws and the colors match my room perfectly.  I have a fixation with crocheted things like table cloths and bedspreads and throws.  They are so comforting.  
Here is a close up of my throw.
And now so is my old chair.  Everything old is new again.  
I love that it has been with me for 25 years.  


Rhonda K said...

It is funny how we have those certain items that we can't seem to part with because they just make us feel good. You do such nice work. Love the throw.

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Lisa - I love that your chair has been with you that long too. What a great story! I love it. ~ Dori ~

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