Unexpected Guest

As I sat on my porch today, admiring the day I heard a little fluttering from behind my porch swing.
Please excuse my roses on my trellis, they are looking sickly thanks to the beetles arrival.
Now through the trellis there is a myrtle tree.  In the myrtle tree I found. . .
Can you make out the momma's little orange beak?  She is sitting in her nest.  I watched her for a good half hour.  Her eyes would close as I sat ever so still.  I tiptoed inside to get my camera but since I was sitting still on the swing when I would turn casually to snap the photo the swing would move. I tried to stand but she flew away.  So I waited again.  When she returned I had to take the photo away from the swing.  It still came out blurry.  But I think you can see her eye and lovely beak.  She reminds me of the women in the 50's and 60's with the strong lipstick color.  Revlon Orange Blossom or something like that.  Isn't she sweet?
Oh and by the way, Feng shui won.  We put our bedroom back to the way it was.  I got so many comments from friends about the change.  Most of them were against it.  I was told things I never knew before. I'll share them with you:
 A head board should face North
A bed should be placed on the opposite wall from the door of the room
If the rules of feng shui are not followed and your room is off balance you can have trouble sleeping

And these are the lessons I learned after two nights of breaking all the rules:
At three in the morning it's easy to forget that you are sleeping next to a wall.
A trunk is beautiful and useful until your knee meets a corner during a dash to the bathroom across a pitch black room.
Hee hee


Khammany H said...

Hello Lee! Your Feng Shui "lessons" made me laugh because they remind me of when my mom visits my house! She always has suggestions on how I can rearrange things. I've just joined the blogging world and have been enjoying catching up on your older posts. I love your Let There Be White bathroom remodel, it is so my style! Would you mind taking a look at my blog and following if you like it? Thanks so much and I feel privileged to get to spend time at your Hideaway :)
Khammany @ http://sweetinspiredhome.blogspot.com/

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