Why Did I look At These?

Okay so these are from Carolyne Roehm's blog.  www.carolyneroehm.com/
I have posted many times about my obsession with her, her books, her home "Weatherstone" and have also posted my photos of my two visits to her home and my meeting with her and her mom.  
Although she is clearly above and beyond my means and budget and everything under the sun I was thinking about doing this on my porch.  I have a bbq coming up with my friends and was wondering if I could pull this off.  Of course I don't have this size of a porch nor do I have this many friends on the planet to invite.  But I will have about 30 people and was thinking of possibly trying this out.  
( Had to post 2 more photos, now I'm obsessed! Have to do this.)
Now thinking: rent 4 8ft tables, trip to Joanne's thinking 12 yards of fabric = 36 feet 
Should be good!  I want to get similar gingham in similar color but I'll look through the sale fabric.
Then I have about 6 pitchers in white so I can do the flower arrangements (my supermarket has lovely bunches of roses for 7.99 so I can mix three bunches with a few bunches of carnations and other flowers) I also noticed she has small baskets with berries in them.  Strawberries, and raspberries, etc.  Easy peasy!
I have votives and have the same glasses and white plates from Pottery Barn, just have to take inventory and get an exact count of how many are coming.  Definitely 30 so far maybe a little more.
The BBQ is August 24 so I have lots of time to plan.

Here is an old photo of my porch.  My rockers are now white and my ceiling is no longer blue but I was too lazy to photograph my porch now and just wanted to show you the length of it.  
If I removed my now white rockers and my small wicker table and then remove my round table and wicker chairs from the other side I think I could do this.  Renting chairs of course.  I could buy some gingham fabric on sale and 3 8 ft tables.  What do you think?
But don't let my hubby know I'm planning this, I don't want to stress him out a month early.  
Hee hee.
Here are two more photos of Carolyne's Garden roses.  



Brenda said...

Lisa, you can do it. It will be perfect! Be sure to take lots of photos.

Beeutiful by Design said...

We have 27 in my husbands immediate family so seating is a challenge. I have done this before, and then saw CR's, which was 50 times better, plus she has staff, but mine turned out okay. I used those white six foot folding tables once & once I used plywood over three mismatched tables I had for our group of 27. We rented the chairs, first time no cushion bottom then 2nd time with cushions. You are so much more talented than me I know you can do it!

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Looks big enough to me! Can't wait to see how it comes together for you.

cardinalkay said...

Hope your hosting is a hit! This is slightly off-topic, but why did you change the blue porch ceiling? I love them so! Also, TY for the heads up about CR. I'll head over for inspiration now!
Kay @ redbirdv.wordpress.com

Lee said...

You all have high expectations of me! Hee hee. Now I'm feeling the pressure to do it! Hmmmm, I am gonna try. Will take photos if and when I do it. The BBQ is in the end of august.
Thanks for so much support. Beautiful by design, yours sounded incredible. I'm sure your more creative than you give yourself credit.
And Kay, I wanted to see everything white on my porch. Since I painted my door green it was too much contrasting color.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

OMG you have Carolyn's porch!~!!!!

You lucky lucky gal!

I would just rent everything. You know danged well most of those folks do.

I want to come to your bbqs!!!!!!

You didn't keep your blue ceiling? Oh now, now the Boogie Man is gonna get ya! : - )

Little Bitty Damn Houze said...

From what I've seen, I'm sure you can pull this off. How will the food be served? Will the guest be comfortable getting in & out of seats? Can't wait to see pics!

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