A Great Beach Find!

So I just love french country baskets, market baskets and all little straw bags.  
There was a little antique and art sale at the park, a small little park by our home at the beach so as I was walking by I happened to spot these pretty ones.  (Below)
The lady sold them to me both for $7.00.  Yes, seven dollars.  Can you say wow?
I know!


Brenda said...

Great find at a great price! Nice.

Stacy said...

Those are the most beautiful bags I have ever seen. And you found them at an art sale at the park? WOW!

24 Corners said...

Definitely a 'Wow' find!
I think Zoe would fit perfectly in one of those...her little head would look so cute popping out of a cute straw tote.
xo J~

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