It's hard for me to believe that August has arrived and I'm about to go to the shore for our last full week away of the Summer.  This has not been the best Summer for me. It's actually been the hardest ever, but I am thankful I will be near the ocean soon.
Here in the northeast the weather has been unpredictable, very wet and recently we have been slapped with cooler fall like temperatures in August.  I don't know how this week will be weatherwise but I will cherish the things I love the most to do by the sea.
Like . . . 
Feeling the sand against my heels 
Hearing the sounds of the seagulls hovering over my piece of watermelon
Watching the baby seagulls run away from the water's ebb
Sleeping with the window open and hearing the ocean from my house
Walking in the evenings with my husband along the boardwalk
Craving coffee and having a cup on a bench with full view of the ocean
Riding my Tricycle 
Breakfast at our favorite diner in the mornings
Dinner out
No cooking
Dolphin sightings

I feel very blessed to have the priveledge to escape to the ocean, to change my daily routine and flea to the sea, and blessed to have a home near one of the most beautiful beaches.  I am thankful for that gift.  
I hope your enjoying your summer
Take a few moments to savor the last few weeks
and make time to :
sit on a porch swing
make fresh lemonaide or limeaide 
eat as many berries as you can  (the birds have eaten mine)
read a summer book
catch a firefly, but remembe to let it go
kiss a frog (I do almost every night, I have frogs jump on my porch, it's pretty cool, they are not slimy I promise and they love when you rub the top of their head.  They close their eyes when you do.)
Look for bats
Walk barefoot as much as you can
Eat outside
play boardgames 
Play badmitton or volleyball or any great backyard summer activity
Make popcorn and watch sharkweek, and/or a great summer movie like "To Gillian on her 37th birthday" or Blue Lagoon, Dear John, etc.
Have some friends over and bbq a great meal and enjoy their company
and most of all
slow down and take a few minutes to enjoy your family
Happy Summer


Khammany @ Sweet Inspired Home said...

I love this, Lee. Reading it made me feel calmer. It also reminded me that I love frogs and made me wish that I lived somewhere where frogs lived too.

Brenda said...

Your beach house sounds divine, and I love your advice for savoring the last days of summer. Enjoy!

24 Corners said...

Sorry you've had such a difficult time of it this summer Lee...I hope the sea brings all the rest and rejuvenation you could possibly want, it sounds like the perfect escape...just heavenly.
xo J~

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