Artificial Touches . . . The Comforts Of Home

We all have parts in our home that we treasure and when we are far from home, we think of these comforting spots and long for them.  After all what makes a house a home, but the touches that we place and keep to bring peace and serenity at the end of the day.

My friend recently moved from NY to Boston.  She will be attending Harvard Graduate school and made a huge change in her life.  She rented an apartment and today I sent her a package.  I loaded it with a few things that can add a feeling of comfort to a new and unfamiliar place.
A tea kettle, a few frames with art work, a tray, some botanicals,  things that will decorate a tiny space or a small table or an akward wall.

My favorite designer, mentor and lady, Mary Carol Garrity is known for this very art.  She teaches to let each corner be special.  Not to over look any spot no matter how small.  I have been to her home twice and it is breathtaking.  I have posted about it before, but those little added touches are what create a comforting, unique and peaceful environment for any home.

I walked around the house today snapping a few photos of some of my comforting spots along with a few artificial topiaries that I have learned to adore thanks to my friend KC and her lovely home and decor.
Take a look.
Bringing my outdoor statue inside was directly learned and copied from Mary Carol.  She has lovely touches like this all around her home.  I think my lady was finally relieved to come inside after many freezing winters.  

One of my favorite little topiaries. I bought this one from my friend Susan Taylor. ( Black Eyed Susan)
The tiny gold frames are from the Nell Hill collection.

I love looking at my foyer with my new wicker chair that looks like it was always meant to be in that very spot.  My taller topiary sits proudly on the little antique table I purchased from ebay.

My little bathroom that was born again when we added the shutters.  I love this spot and the older little topiary.  He is so sweet.

My sun room has a little antique table I bought with my faux lemon tree.  My real lemon tree is outdoors catching some sun.  
I love throws and any chair or couch in my home usually has one.  I'm always cold at night and I love feeling comforted by them around my lap when I'm on the computer or reading a book even when I watch a movie or usually sporting event with my sons.  (I'm not a big tv person especially not in the summer when I can be outside.)

I love this spot.  My favorite chair (Ikea) and side table (from Susan Taylor's house sale).  I'm actually sitting there right now typing this post.

I am always copying things I see that are beautiful.  This is taken straight from my friend Catherine, "Trina" from A Country Farmhouse.  I love her taste and her style and there are many things in my home that I have copied, my mantle is one of them.

My friend KC has lovely straw hats in a few places along with topiaries.  I have copied so much from her as well. 

This is very KC.  Right KC?

Here is my chair in my bedroom again (posted about it already) along with the curtains my friend Catherine told me about and I actually printed her little owl and added it to the wall.  It complimented the curtains perfectly.  Trina had these curtains and the photo in the twins room.

This is my latest and most favorite topiary.  It's a double rosemary topiary.  I purchased it through wayfair.  It is my most favorite.  I'm so addicted to topiaries now.  If you are interested in purchasing it check the link here.http://www.wayfair.com/Sage-and-Co.-Potted-Rosemary-Double-Topiary-EPG10408GR-QXN1276.html?redir=qxn1276&rtype=8&dept=0&ust=
What are your little comforts of home?


Brenda said...

Mary Carol's home tour is this weekend. It's been two years since I first toured her home, and it was fabulous. I went back last fall too.

Heather said...

I'll be at Mary Carol's home tour this weekend. I can't wait to see what she has in store for this fall.

Nella Miller said...

Hi Lee, I loved hearing from you today...I subscribe to Mary Carol's blog and get all her posts too, such a creative, retail genius....your home has cozy nooks and personal touches which is what I notice when I walk into someone's home...thank you for sharing your favorite, lovely spots with us, N.xo

Ramon Valdez said...

I really love this post, we all have spots at home that makes us feel like we belong there, spots that we sit on, look at or in my case dine in, I looks to me like you have mastered the Nell Hills approach to making this spots feel extra cozy!!!!

Ramon Valdez said...

Oh by the way I am super exited about once more attending Nell Hill's open house this Friday, I will blog about it as soon as I get back home that day.

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