Autumn is here!

This photo above of my berries probably looks more like Thanksgiving and Christmas time but I took this today.  They changed from a pale orange to a fiery red.  How much do I love my little bush.  Perfect for a few arrangements when the holidays come.  

It's Autumn and the air has changed.  I pulled out all my old sweaters and washed my wooly throws for  my couch and fav chair.  I have even been wearing thin scarves in the mornings.  Yesterday morning the temp in my car read 46 degrees.  It truly felt brisk running to get my coffee.
The light has been magnificent and golden and I can only imagine what it will be like next year, God willing, when my son gets married here at home.

I received my two collapsible orbs from Nell Hill's Briarcliff Store.
They are so lovely.  39 dollars and so fun.  You can move them around any way you want and the possibilities are endless.  I stuck these pale orange gourds inside with a few copper leafy branches I bought at Michaels today.  Then I used a flat wreath as a base to hold everything over my urns.  I intertwined a leafy inexpensive garland and I was pleased at how it looked.  
Here is hoping you are enjoying the changes in season and all the autumn brings:
Warm apple cider and hot tea
comfort foods baked in the oven
shorter days and more time to nest and be at home
wearing your favorite sweater and shawl
swapping your flip flops for a pair of warm socks
hot chocolate with mini marshmellows or whip cream (my son likes adding both)
watching a scary movie on the couch
baking absolutley anything
but my favorite thing to do of all is to make a fire in our fireplace late in the evening.   Listening to the wood crackle as we sit in the family room is always soothing to me.  The smell and sounds of Autumn are healing and comforting.  I hope you and your family enjoy all that Autumn brings.


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