Change Is In The Air

A week before Autumn begins and my garden is crisp and dried.  I have yet to see my trees turn color but I must have hundreds of burnt leaves on the ground.
Today it was crisp.  The temperature said 56 degrees this morning in my car as I took the ride into town for my morning cup of coffee.  The light has been perfect, golden and bright unlike the light in Summer that can be blinding.  I actually wore a scarf and a blazer this morning to guard me from the light chill but it felt nice, healing in a way.  Change can sometimes elevate and heal.  It can alter our mood and bring hope. Hope of good things to come.
Here are some pictures.
 Brown and crisp is all I see.  Below is a tiny spot of color on one leaf that never had time to turn.

My berries are in between colors.  Orange to red.

 My limelights and other type that I forget the name have survived.  They are turning a mauvey like pink.

 I love how the barn looks when the sun hits it.  Can only imagine having a wedding in it.  My son is not sold on the idea.  He wants to find an older looking barn.  Shame.
 Our land is still green and a bit stubborn to shed it's color as you can see.
 But my roses have had enough.  They are a few here and there but I can tell they have had enough.  It wasn't a great year for my roses.  Perhaps next year.
These snowballs do so well.  I love this color sagey green.
It was the worst year for my Hydrangeas.  I barely had enough to fill to vases.  Usually by this time I refresh my vases once a week until November.  The leaves all look burnt and there were hardly any blooms.

You see what I mean.  The few that I have are pale in color, almost lifeless.  
And the stalks are too too long.  Almost covering my porch.  I'm torn.  Should I cut down all of them and risk not having blooms next year or do I continue to leave them burnt and leggy and have them grow in the spring even more wild and cluttered?
Not sure what to do.   Still don't know if the wedding will be at home or not.  Because of that I would like to take care of them now so that I do have an abundance of flowers for the early fall.  
You can see my Nell Hill lanterns (the white ones) that I adore arranged for the fall.
 I added my wreath to my door.  I love the little bird in the nest.  So pretty.  I added the green ribbon.
My swing sat alone today.  This weekend I hope to enjoy sitting awhile on it.

And all the while I walked around and snapped some photos inspired by this great light, my steadfast friends and companions watched over me.  I could be outside for hours and they will remain vigilant.  Always watching me, always by my side. I ask myself how they can love me so much.  
Sometimes they are the only ones I whisper to for hours or the only ears that will hear me.  How deep their hearts are.
So I hope you are basking in this light and enjoying the change to come.
May it heal and empower you and may it find you all well.
Peace, Love & Joy


Brenda said...

The landscape is brown and crisp here in Iowa too. I welcome the cooler weather.

Your little dog looks so sweet sitting at the door watching you.

must love junk said...

Your land is so gorgeous! Oh, what I'd do to have a barn like that...!!! :)

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Such a pretty yard. This cooler air is nice - in Michigan temps have been back and fourth, wearing a sundress one day and jeans and sweaters and scarves the next. Such a sweet pup. Mine is curled up next to me now. Have a great day!

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