Fall Lanterns Compliments of Nell Hill

I bought this lantern a few years ago at Mary Carol Garrity's open house.  I have had it on almost every door and every nook.  Yesterday I received my new lanterns I ordered from her store Nell Hill.  They are so beautiful.  So I decided to place my older one on my side black door.  I love the drama in the black.  And I added a lovely fall wreath around the back.  I used my sage green burlap ribbon and made a bow.  I just love how it turned out.
Here is a pic of my new lantern.
I think the shape of the glass is so unique and the look of the lantern.  So beautiful.  
If you are interested in these lovely lanterns call the Nell Hill Store and they will gladly assist you.
(816) 746-4320 


Robin Johnson said...

Oh how I love, love, love lanterns! I like both your new and old one.

Ramon Valdez said...

I love this Lantern, Mary carol had a few of this at her open house, I think I might head that way tomorrow to see if I can find a set my self!!!!!

chateau chic said...

Your lanterns are wonderful!! Love the way you have them styled.
BTW, since I'm a new follower I was scrolling down and couldn't help but notice your comment in a previous post about your hydrangeas not doing well this year. Mine did not produce their usual abundance either. I hardly had any to cut to bring inside to dry this fall. I thought maybe I did something wrong...like cut them back too far???
Anyway, thank you for stopping by and introducing yourself.
Mary Alice

Heather said...

I picked up one of those new lanterns too at Nell Hills, and I love it!

A Country Farmhouse said...

Beautiful. xo

Brenda said...

Oh,I love,love,love your new lantern!I was in Kansas City last weekend, but I didn't make it to Nell Hills. We will be going back in Oct., I hope to make it over to the store then. I'm going to look for that lantern!

Lisa Dempsey said...
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