A Closer Look

Yesterday I had to spend time doing something I truly do not enjoy.  I had to have my photo taken for the back of my book jacket.  Now I have to be honest, when I was younger I used to love to take photos with my friends, even today when we are all gathered together I am the first one to yell out "group photo time!"  I love it because I always am the one who makes a silly face or puckers into the camera in the group shot.  It's fun. But yesterday was anything but fun.  I had to take a photo that had to be right, one that would not just go in an album filled with snapshots of scattered moment with friends.
This had to be presentable.  No funny faces, no lip puckering.
My husband took up the tedious task of being the photographer for the moment.
We started outdoors by the barn under the color changing leaves.  Then we came indoors and I sat in a chair by my favorite little table.  I held my dogs, I did my make up and then did it again.  I put my hair up.  I put my hair down.  I added more lipstick.  I took some off.  Needless to say, it was alot of work.
67 photos were taken, 48 outdoors and 19 inside.  Can you believe I only liked 2 of them?
None of the outside ones made the cut.  Oh sure the barn looked beautiful and the tree and the leaves but holy cow have I aged.  I love my Canon Rebel but man oh man it shows every line, crease, wrinkle and bag magnified X 10.  And for some reason my skin sucks in my make up.  Every time I take photos I come out so darn white you would think I was a resident of Forks and my last name was Cullen.  (Twilight reference)  When I took my drivers licence a few years ago I became the subject of conversation at the dmv when the administrator of the camera produced my photo and decided to show it to everyone employeed there because he said that he had never seen a photo come out so pale in the years of taking photos.
Anyway, after deleting 65 photos I felt so discouraged. Look I know everyone gets old.  I know that.  But you know how you think you look a certain way and then when you look at a photo you are speechless when you realize the perception and reality are far off.    Yikes!
When I finally decided on it I was too tired to fix my hair again and get dressed and try again.  My poor hubby stood by as I would click delete on almost all the photos one by one.
Okay so I won't show you the one I picked for the book but I will show you the one that I loved with my dog that unfortuantely was a bit blurred and that's why I couldn't use it.


Nella Miller said...

Dear Lee, you are lovely, inside and out...and I know just what you mean about photos.....More info on your book, please!! N.xo

Beeutiful by Design said...

It is a lovely photo and I'm sure all 60 others were great too! I concur with Nella that we need details on the book :)

Lee said...

You lovely ladies are so kind. I will post a snippet of The Shoebox next post, promise, just for you.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

That's such a nice photo, but I know what you mean about photos. We can be so critical of ourselves, but only we really see the flaws that no one else even notices. Very exciting about your book!

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

It's an absolutely beautiful photo - you look stunning. I do hate how I still feel like I'm young - but then have rude reminders that I'm not!! Can't wait to get your book!!!

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