The Shoebox . . . Just a Glimpse

"When an old forgotten cardboard box holding treasured mementos of a long lost love resurfaces, Peter and Maddy's lives are forever changed. "  The Shoebox

            The wind blew vigorously against Peter’s windbreaker whipping his long white

hair against his face.  He fought to keep his cigar lit as he slowly made his way to the

Lifeguard chair.   That chair had become his faithful friend; it was where he came to be

alone, alone with his thoughts.  His thoughts of Maddy. 

            As he pulled himself up using every ounce of strength he had left he raised one

foot at a time, his knees buckling beneath him as he desperately turned to sit and face the

stormy waters.  He took a deep breath as he finally rested his back against the faded

white wood.   He sighed as he lifted his cigar and inhaled deeply.  This was what he

longed for, time to himself, time to forget and time to remember. 

            The breeze felt different that night. He closed his eyes to the sound of waves

hitting the rocks in the distance. The autumn wind blew his white hair back, the chill

stiffening his bones, and he was drifting away in his mind. Oh, now he could see her,

young and beautiful again. Although his body had aged, his mind was perfectly intact and

it was his memories that kept him alive, that gave him the reason to get up another day. 

            He smelled his cigar and let the smoke linger as he closed his eyes.  He thought of

his life and how he got to this place, this moment and then he remembered . . . The


Okay so you got it here first!  The intro to my novel The shoebox.  The above photo is not the photo of the book, I can't show you that yet.   I quickly just got that from a stock photo site.  But it's just eye candy, to give you an idea.  I hope that when it comes out I can count on my blogging friends to pick up a copy.  I'm so excited.  It is a compelling story of love and loss, regrets and soul searching and I know that readers will connect with my characters and they will live on in the minds and hearts of all long after the book has been read.  I know some of you asked me if I could elaborate a little on the story so this post was for you.
Thank you for all the support during such a crazy journey.  Will fill you in as soon as I have a release date.  So excited for my friends to meet Peter and Maddy.  An unforgetable couple.  


Catherine Burke said...

I cannot wait to meet them! And also, read your lovely words. You are so talented and so many will love your stories. xoCatherine

Ramon Valdez said...

I can't wait to get my hands and get lost in this story, I know I don't know you but for dome reason I feel a great deal of excitement and proud of you. Don't forget your little blogging friends when you get BIG.

must love junk said...

How exciting! Congrats :)

Beeutiful by Design said...

Thank you for sharing! So exciting~Jennifer

9405018--Pat said...

Can't wait....thanks for sharing...Pat H

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

I will be one of the first to buy your book!!! Such an exciting thing for you!! ~ Dori ~

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