Winter Berries

Although it's only late October it felt wintery the past two days.  My Winter berry bush is in full bloom with berries.  Each little branch is so full.  This is the same little bush that I have been trying to grow for the past 3 years but the deer kept eating it down to nothing.  For some reason they have left it alone this year.  It is so lovely and vibrant in color.  It's a sign of seasons changing and things to come.  I try to find meaning in everything.  Nature is our connection with God and it reminds me that we are not in control of anything but he is.  
I'm preparing for a trip with my husband.  It will be our 25th Anniversary Nov 5 but we are going away up to New England for a four day getaway.  I have not been away in over five years. I'm still crossing my fingers that nothing goes wrong so that we can go on our trip. I'm so looking forward to the long drive, to seeing the Autumn hues along the way and to meeting up with friends.  Life as I always say (and perhaps I say it too much) is fleeting.  One day there are leaves on the trees and the next day they are bare, one day a bush and the next day crimson berries.  
There is beauty all around us.  


Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you for your visit sweet new friend, and your comment on my blog home I dearly treasure.
Happy Anniversary on November 5
And a beautiful holiday love trip to New England.

See you soon.

Brenda said...

The berries are beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary trip; it sounds perfect! Happy 25 years together.

Nella Miller said...

Dear Lee, trust in God, he only wants the best for us...have a wonderful trip, Happy Anniversary,dear heart, N.xo

Lee said...

I can honestly say that blogging has been a blessing in my life. There are times I will post something, like this time, and the positive and supportive and truly heartfelt comments really make my day and give me the strength I need.
Thank you wonderful and lovely ladies for your kind words and caring hearts. I am truly blessed.

Jaybird said...

Have a great trip and try not to worry about things at home! I know...easier said than done, but I hope you can have fun and peace.

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