Christmas Decorating on Black Friday

It is 8:07 pm on Black Friday and I am wiped.  Normally before the dishwasher has completed it's cycle and the company is exiting through the door, I'm usually in full decorating mode ready to tackle my trees, my mantle, my doors and my arches with greens and ribbon to bring in the Christmas Season.  Well this is the first ever that I have not decorated on Thursday night.  I was too exhausted.  I felt sad going to bed with no energy and no decorations hanging but I had to face reality, I couldn't do it.
Before anyone was up this morning I was already in my comfortable clothes ready with primping fingers eager to tackle my garland and tree branches.  I had my coffee and Rob and I were headed to the barn to bring over every box filled with Christmas decor.  I have labeled each box but it is still an overwhelming task.  I think we are down to 15 now.  That's a big improvement from the 30 boxes I used to have.
Now my plan was to post about how I decided to decorate my house this year but truthfully, I am not finished and honestly I can't finish tonight.  So I promise to post as soon as I am done.
In the meantime . . .
I want you to meet someone who truly has a gift of decorating.  This is my blogging friend Ramon from  Missouri.  He is a fellow Mary Carol Garrity fan and Nell Hill lover like me.
Last year I had asked for some of my followers to send me pics of their Christmas decor and I had promised to post their photos.  Well my response was not as I had hoped.  I think I only got about three followers excited about submitting their photos.  I posted all of them but decided that I wouldn't follow up on it this year.  Since then I have continued to email with Ramon and share thoughts about design and he fills me in on anything new in the Nell Hill stores.
I asked him to send me photos of his Christmas decor this year and he graciously did.  So take a look at his home.
First of all I need to stop and comment on this tree.  Mary Carol, I hope you see this.  Maybe Ramon could be another decorator on your team.  I think he has captured the Nell Hill style perfectly.  He is such a fan and truly has an eye for detail.  As Mary Carol began, Ramon also lifted the tree in an urn to spotlight the beautiful decorated tree in the center of the room.  He also added the lanterns from Nell Hill in it's branches.  Stunning! 
A few more angles.

Notice the garland on the window.  Taking window at the edge of the room in a small space and using it with a half swag of garland instead of a full garland swag on both sides.
Again Ramon captured one of Mary Carol's favorite things to do, using trays to gather favorite things and display them in a beautiful way.  Silver trays add such a elegance to any room.  You can use them to display your favorite books, make a vignette or to organize a few things into one space.  

Creating small sections in a space are inviting and give the illusion that your space is larger than it truly is.  I love how he placed the small love seats facing each other and then adding the bench.  They seem to invite you in to chat with a friend over coffee or relax with your favorite throw and enjoy a book.  Hmmm I wonder what book?  (Any Nell Hill book I'm sure)
Now anyone who went to the MCG house tour will recall how she incorporated greens in her light fixtures and chandeliers.  Ramon captured it perfectly.  I love the red winter berries against the burlap and red plaid ribbon.
 Last year, Ramon sent me photos of his tablescape and dinning room and he chose winter whites to focus on, this year he went all out with the red and gold.  I can just imagine this room filled with people for a Christmas celebration.  Drama in red.

 His vignettes remind me of ones I saw walking through the Briarcliff store in Kansas City Missouri as I marveled at each item perfectly placed.  So beautiful.

Here is a longer view of the dramatic dinning room.
Here is a close up of the floor display.  A lovely basket and glass urn holding champagne and wine adorned with some Christmas greens and pinecones.  How creative!
Below, even a smaller eating area is glamorized with hanging lit greens.
I didn't go to the open house this year but Ramon tells me that Mary Carol dazzled everyone with a tremendous display of branches spilling out from a gigantic vase.
Below is a photo of Mary Carol's vase with branches display.
For those of you who missed it last year, this was Ramon's tree all adorned in gold.  When I saw it I knew I had to follow his blog and see what he had up his sleeve for next year.

Here is a photo of Ramon.  He recently was asked at the home funishing store where he works to conduct decorating classes.  I'm sure he was a hit.  
I hope that someday he will be working with his decorating mentor Mary Carol Garrity.  

Ramon's blog is truly inspiring and a learning experience.  It is on my blog roll but the name appears differently, click on  http://rowhouseblogg.blogspot.com/
If you enjoyed this post and now are a fan of Ramon's help me increase his blog following by commenting or following his blog.  He is the kindest person and it would mean alot to him I know.  
Thanks so much.
Until the next post . . . 
I will be posting my Christmas decor ideas, if I survive tonight.  


chateau chic said...

Stunningly gorgeous Christmas inspiration!!!
Mary Alice

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Beautiful pictures. Such sweet comments on Ramon. I will definitely check out his blog. Thanks for

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Lee I don't see Ramon's blog on your blog roll.

Ramon Valdez said...

Thank you so much Lisa, I loved reading about my home on someone else's perspective, hopefully we get to do it again next year!,

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