Coming Home

It is the little things one cherishes about where they live, not usually the obvious ones.  My husband and I returned home last night from our anniversary weekend away.  25 years tomorrow and we were lucky to have a chance to sneak away for a few days.  We drove for many hours to seek peace and a quiet escape.  Met with an old friend and enjoyed a wonderful dinner and caught up with news of our lives and then we traveled some more and met with new friends.  We had great dinners and lovely walks in the most beautiful settings around. I could not have asked for a more perfect weekend.  
As we traveled home yesterday with our bags in the backseat and our sights set for home, I thought of all that I cherish about the place I have come to call home.
It is the smell of my kitchen with my autumn candles burining the seasons favorite scents, the freshly baked pumpkin loaf or apple pie cooling after baking in the oven, its the warm throws on almost every seat that help me to relax and also invite an occasional guest to relax for a while.
It's the sights around, the row of pines that date back long before I ever walked these grounds, my gardens and barn and long road to my mailbox that is the first welcoming sight to all who come.
It's the candles in my windows that my sons turned on as we rode down the driveway to welcome us home.  And as we walk inside, it's the sounds of my son's voices in a nearby room.

It's November, my favorite month, and with it come the geese.  I love when they come in flocks.  They settle along the farmland around our house and in the newly plowed cornfields that line the roads and nearby hills.
Last year a few settled for a few hours on my roof top and even once in a while they swoop down and waddle around my barn and grounds pecking at the drying grass.
As my husband and I unloaded the car the sounds of the geese greeted us as they flew above our heads spread in their v formation.  Their greetings echoed in the November sky as if to welcome us home.
I breathed in the air and inhaled my neighbor's fresh smell of buring firewood and we both smiled as we knew we would build a fire in our fireplace as well.
These are the constants I am surrounded with on a daily basis, the things that energize me and keep me grounded even though I may be feeling stressed.
I'm then reminded of what November brings and future gatherings.  I am filled with joy at the thought of Thanksgiving and the anticipation of the holidays.
It is during this season that we tend to focus on our blessings and the people and things that truly fill our hearts with joy.
And on this special month of Thanksgiving I am truly Thankful for the sights and sounds that all work together to show me that I am truly 


9405018--Pat said...

Welcome home, beautiful post today...thanks for sharing..Pat H

Brenda said...

You have a beautiful place; I can see why you love being there.

Marilyn said...

I am a daily reader of your blog, and an infrequent poster, but wanted to let you know how much I admire both your eloquent writing and amazing photography skills which were both show cased in this blog post. I could feel the chill in the air, the smell of the fireplace, and all the emotions you were feeling.

Beautifully written!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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