First Snow Fall. . . on my Birthday

(Painting by Alexander Volkov)
Today is my birthday and I was greeted by the first snow fall of the season.
I considered it a blessing today and it filled my morning with peace.
I've always had a love for snow and loved how in movies or books snow fall has always been a sign of something magical, a cleansing a healing.  Even in one of my favorite songs by Dan Fogelberg (Another old lang syne) when he meets his old girlfriend in the grocery store the snow is falling and the minute she leaves the car after they spend their few hours reminiscing, it stops.
It is a blanket that covers our mistakes, our brokenness and comforts us with a pure icy carpet of snow.
Usually when I post on my birthday I write about the things I've learned over the past year so here goes.
I've learned that. . . I have so much to learn and understand.
it's about what you love and everything else comes second
it's the quiet time and ordinary time that strengthens us
it's not about what you do wrong but how you make up for it
cranberries can pretty much go with everything
a text from a friend can mean just as much as a phone call these days (sad but true)
friends enter in your life in the most unexpected way and when they come it is truly a gift.  One's heart is never too full to welcome and love another friend. (Catherine, this one is for you)
my husband means more to me now than on our wedding day
when you eat a scallop and you get a weird feeling in your stomach, you should stop eating it
doing things for others is really the best therapy
that a weekend away can make a difference
tender words from friends mean so so much
shopping does make me feel better and that I might have a problem (but only buying things for the home, I really don't care about buying clothes or anything else)
a new pottery barn catalog received in the mail can alter my mood in an instant (hence the problem, hee hee)
each stage of ones life can be exciting and beautiful
helping to plan my son's wedding has been the most exciting thing I've ever done
if you wait and work hard at something and truly believe it will happen. . . eventually it can happen (my book will be published by January)
this little blog is one of my sweetest thing to do
my sons are the joy of my life (okay so I've always known that)
taking care of my mother is the hardest thing I've ever done and will ever do
48 is just a number
A year older me


Brenda said...

Happy birthday, Lisa. I'm glad you had beautiful snow on your birthday.

You look lovely in white in your photo.

It's the little things that matter; you realize this.

Have a wonderful day!

Marilyn said...

So beautifully written! May your birthday be filled with joy and simple pleasures.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

9405018--Pat said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!
Last week I went to Nell Hills open house and thought about you..Pat H

Catherine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! BIg hugs, Catherine

Queen Bee's Musings said...

Happy birthday! Many blessings to you this year.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a gorgeous scene... Happy Birthday wishes!

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