November is Here And So Is Black Eyed Susan's Christmas Unveiling.

Here is my lovely friend Susan Taylor.  This is her store Black Eyed Susan.  Every year my friend Lisa and I count down to Susan's Christmas Unveiling.  And before we look at the spectacular Christmas decor can we look at my beautiful friend and her outfit?  Lovely.  And check out the shoes! Now this was my favorite tree of the night.  The natural looking decor on it was stunning.  My photos didn't capture the beauty as it was in person.

I love all the pieces of natural wood.
Here was the orange and silver snowy tree.  Very dramatic.

I loved these little bushes in the pots with the lights.  And the lanterns that lined the stairs outside were lovely.

Here is the tree again.

A closer look.  I also loved the burlap like tree skirt.
I love the paper ornaments.  They are actually heavier than they look.
And there were burlap ribbon covered balls and paper covered animals to hang as well.  All lovely.
I decided to decorate one of my trees all natural this year.  I'm also putting it in my husband's study and aiming for a more masculine look.  Can't wait.  The countdown begins.
But first I have to think about Thanksgiving!  Ahhhhhhh!


Brenda said...

I have been reading Black Eyed Susan's blog and her teasers about the store, so I am glad you posted pictures. That woodland tree is over-the-top!The shop looks grand.

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Wow this is my kind of store! Her outfit is adorable! Love that tree she's standing by. I'd have a hard time not spending a wad in there!

Marilyn said...

Her shop looks wonderful! I'm finding myself gravitating to more of a wood land, wintery theme at Christmas, rather than the traditional glitter and glitz. Her shop is both elegant and exudes warmth!

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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