A Night To Remember

So my party was a wonderful success.  This was my 15th year of hosting my "Christmas Extravaganza!" That's what I like to call it.  It is the night that all other nights have prepared for.  394 days out of the year I'm thinking about this one night.  (Okay so I'm being a little dramatic) Maybe not that many but it is my favorite night and most wonderful time of the year for me.  My husband returned home on schedule on Friday and as I watched the weather and prayed I prepared my Beef Tenderloin, two turkey breasts, two honey glazed hams, home made sausage and cornbread stuffing, garlic seasoned green beans, roasted onion new baby potatoes and orange glazed sweet potatoes.
Yes I made all that myself but I have to say that Williams Sonoma saved the day with their amazing over the top hordevours.  
Okay so my friends all live about two hours away, so needless to say my event begins early in the day, 12:30 to be exact.  I don't see my friends much so I want my party to begin early so that we can catch up.  Therefore I need alot of little things to feed their appetite before the evening dinner so hordevours have always been the way to go.  But honestly that is the hardest thing for me because I love hordevours and want to make great ones.  I'm not a pigs in a blanket kind a girl.  I'm a phyllo covered, mushroom baked, brie infused, gruyere baked, mini crabcake kinda gal.  
I want my hordevours to be remembered and each bite to be a savory treat.  Over the years I have spent hours standing on my cold limestone floor over my counters preparing 8 to 10 different hourdevours and this year I decided to try something new.  Not making them and trusting in a company that stands for excellence in cuisine.  And I have to say I will never make my own again.  (actually I did make one of mine, "crabbies" my sons love them and they are truly a treat.
I went on line after looking at the catalog and ordered about 10 different ones.  It was worth every cent and took alot of work off my hands.  I recommend them highly.  Each one was tasty and delicious and beautiful looking.  
One thing that I was not counting on coming was the snow. . . 

(I love this photo above, got it from pinterest.  It just yells Christmas doesn't it?)
Along with my friends trek to Pennsylvania for a Christmas get together came plenty of snow making roads a bit hazardous and visibility very difficult.  A few friends left early due to fear of the drive but at the end of the night I had 11 people sleeping over.  Don't ask me how we did it but 16 quilts and throws, 2 airmattresses and one sleeping bag later everyone was nestled in for the night.  
My festivities didn't end until 2:30 in the morning.  Crazy huh?  Honestly the singing ended about 11 or so and then slowly we began cleaning up and then arranging the sleeping arrangements.  By the time we were all said and done it was 2:30.
Here is an example of what all the rooms in the house looked like during the night.  (above three of my friends out for the night.)
I don't know how I did it but I have to say it was fun saying good night to a house full of my dear friends.  I see them maybe 3 times the most a year so this was truly a treat.
Below a few shots of the singalong.  We sing from 7:30 pm on until we can't sing any more.  Honestly.
 If you look at the books everyone has in their laps and there are a few on the wicker trunk in the center, those are our Christmas carol booklets.  I made them and included photos of all of us all throughout the years at my Christmas party.  I love having them and love that we take singing seriously and love our carols.

When I told my friend Kc (in the middle above) that we sing at my party I don't think she believed me.  
The singing adds a touch of magic, it brings in the Christmas spirit and I believe prepares us for Christmas.  I am truly blessed to have friends who have amazing gifts, many of them sing and play instruments and in my own family my sons play piano and guitar and my youngest son is a lovely tenor himself.  So music has always been very important in my life.  I plan to continue my piano lessons when the time is right.  As much as I tried to rehearse a christmas carol to surprise my friends on the piano I failed to learn it completely.  Perhaps next year.  

So after my party, after all my friends went home and all the quilts, dishes and remnants of food were all put away, I was truly thankful.
Another party under my belt, another year gathering leaving beautiful memories to resonate forever in our minds and a Christmas yet to come.
Me and my husband at the end of a long and beautiful night.  
May your Christmas season be filled with gatherings and laugher, great food and plenty of song.
Peace, Love & Joy


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your party sounds like so much fun. I like to sing, but my voice is terrible. How excellent for your friends to be able to sleep over. Its not often as we get older that we do fun things like that. I guess thats just a little more goodness that the snow brought. We had our party Saturday too, and we got 7 inches of snow. Everyone made it over despite the weather, and it was a great night! I enjoyed your post. Oh, and you look beautiful. Blue looks so pretty on you!

Brenda said...

How lucky your friends are to be guests at your annual party! It sounds like a great celebration. Your menu is impressive; no one goes home hungry. The "sleepover" sounds like an added bonus. Fun!

Dori at The Red Feedsack said...

Lisa - this was a really sweet post. What a wonderful fun time. And the bonus sleep-over of your friends was probably the best part!! :-) I know what you mean about hors d'oeuvres being a lot of work. I recently did a tailgate supper with all special home-made hors d'oeuvres and it took me ALL DAY to make them. An exhausting day no less. Much harder than making a big dinner! I'll remember the Williams and Sonoma appetizers for next time. You look beautiful in the pictures - love your dress. More pictures of the meal and evening please!!! :-) Happy Holidays, Lisa. ~ Dori ~

Marilyn said...

What a beautiful post! Good friends, good food, Christmas carols, a picture-postcard snowfall and then a sleep over. I can't think of a more wonderful way to share the beauty of the season.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

Renee said...

Sounds like an awesome Christmas party!! I'm like you too, I love to make all my food but we have a fun family get together each year and everyone contributes. We have gone out and caroled at a few neighbors houses the past couple of years and it is so fun!! I love that you sing at your party! And what fun for your guests to get to sleep over!! :)

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