Cranberry Jam for Christmas & My Friend KC

My favorite berry is the Cranberry.  I love it in bread, in cookies, dipped in dark chocolate and most of all, in Jam.
I made my Cranberry Jam yesterday and prepared a few batches for me and a few friends.
Usually one bag of fresh cranberries makes one small mason jar.  I know it's sounds like a lot.  I bought 6 bags and made 6 small jars.  Isn't the color lovely?

I wish I could have had it ready before my Christmas party so that I could have given one jar to each of my friends.  

Well this little jar went to my sweet friend KC.  Remember I posted photos of her beautiful home.
( I have to say that the search box on these blogs is useless.  I just spent ten minutes trying to find KC's post and couldn't find it.  I thought it was called "A Charming Home."  But it's not coming up.  As soon as I find it I will post the name of it here.)
For those of you who might want to try it, here is my recipe.  So easy.
Cranberry Jam
For each bag of cranberries add 3/4 cup of granualted sugar
1/4 cup of brown sugar
1 tsp of lemon juice
1/2 cup of orange juice
Cook on medium heat mixing until cranberries pop.  
I don't use pectin since I use my cranberry jam right away.  It will keep in the refridgerator for a few weeks if you properly place it in a mason jar with it's lid.
Add your own label and ribbon.  Makes a lovely gift.  
So repeat for as many bags as you include.  One bag of fresh cranberries makes one jar.
One of the jars was given to my friend KC.
Well KC sent me a few photos of her Christmas decorating.  I thought I might share them with you.  
Her mantle looks dressed for the holidays above with that lovely thick Nell Hill Ribbon and her lit pinecones and fresh greens.

KC's tree glows with it's beautiful gold garland.

Even the kitchen butcher block island is festive.
Below a gorgeous tree fully adorned with popcorn garland and treasured ornaments.
Just a simple wreath hear and there give elegant touches along with fresh greens everywhere.

Nothing like an antique hutch adorned with greens and winterberries to make a room feel festive.
Below, how beautiful are these tiny wreaths hung by the window.  I'm so jealous, I didn't get paperwhites this year.  KC's look like they are about to burst.

Pinecones are such a beautiful addition to Christmas decor, don't you think?  I think if you have candles, ribbon and pinecones and maybe even a lantern there are so many possibilities.

I love how the color of the walls becomes stronger alongside the lit christmas tree.  The room just takes on a whole new look by the glow of the Christmas lights.

I think this would be my most favorite spot to sit.  So beautiful.  So warm and inviting.  A book at your lap and a cup of tea or coffee and I would call it a fabulous evening.  
Thank you KC for sending these lovely photos to me.  
Your home is so lovely, charming and inviting.  Every inch reflects great thought and love.


Brenda said...

Your cranberry jam looks yummy. I have been enjoying the jelly I made last summer, and I have shared jars with friends and family.

KC's house looks warm and inviting.

Marilyn said...

I love cranberries, but have never attempted jelly-making. I'm definitely going to give your recipe a try. It looks wonderful.

Wow..KC's house is absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing with us.

Marilyn (in Dallas)

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